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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 2 - 1885

Issue 1 – January 1885

P.1 – “The ‘Church Times’ Attack on the ‘Intelligencer’”

P.2-3 – “What Have Laymen to do with Ecclesiastical Courts?”

P.4-5 – “Growth of Popery in the Church of England”, Statements on (I) Benediction, (II) Reservation of the Host, and (III)  Mary worship.

P.5-6 – “Professor Burrows on Wycliffe”

P.6-9 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commission”

Issue 2 – February 1885
P.i – “Clerical and Tutorial Register”, ‘To meet inquiries which are made with respect to suitable and sound Clergymen, curates to take permanent or temporary charge, trustworthy and efficient schools, tutors and governesses for every department of education, a Registry will be kept for the friends of the Church Association at the offices, 14 Buckingham Street. Every painstaking inquiry, care and investigation will be made as to references, ability, and character, so as to assure the thorough confidence of all concerned, especially of parents in these perilous days with reference to the influence of instructors charged with the education of their sons. Fees and terms for advertisements most moderate and solely connected with the expenses of he work.’

P.15-16 – Obituary notice of the Rev Canon Richard Paul Blakeney. ‘To sketch in a short space the life of the founder of a great institution or a great society, is never an easy task. . . . May the spirit of Canon Blakeney ever animate the Association he founded, that the work he so ably carried on may flourish and succeed , to the Glory of God and the welfare of His holy Church.’

P.17 – “Rome’s Recruits”

P.19-21 – “Protestant Papers on the Prayer Book, No. V”, ‘The Black-Letter Holy-Days’.

P.21-23 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commission – Mr James Girdlestone”.  Continued from P.9.

P.25-27 – “Reviews”. Correspondence between the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Oxford and Mr James Girdlestone.

Issue 3 – March 1885
P.29-30 – “Spreading the Net”, ‘With the Episcopal Bench recruited from the ranks of the E.C.U., what heresy or idolatry will ever be condemned in the Church of England – provided only it be in a Romeward direction?’

P.31-32 – “Faculties”, ‘If, therefore, parishioners would band together they would soon make churchwardens afraid to become the nominee cat’s paws of Ritualistic priests; . . .’

P.33-36 – “Protestant Papers on the Prayer Book, No. VI”, ‘The Breaking of the Bread’.

P.34 (insert) – “The Blakeney Memorial”, A committee formed to arrange  for a suitable memorial to the late Canon Blakeney. This resulted in a memorial tablet to be placed in Bridlington Priory Church and  ‘Blakeney Scholarship Fund’ to be set up.

P.36-38 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commission”

Issue 4 – April 1885
P.43-44 – “The Weak Brother”, ‘ . . . correspondents have a strong conviction that prosecutions of individuals for Ritualism at the present time are neither politic nor wise.’

P.44-45 – “Faculties”, continued from P.32.

P.45-46 – “Memorial of the Council of the Church Association to the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty”, protesting against the appointment of the Rev Dr Edward King as Bishop of Lincoln.

P.47-48 – “Another Spiritual Judge on the Ecclesiastical Courts Scheme”

P.49-53 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commission”, continued from P.39.

Issue 5 – May 1885
P.57-58 – “Reservation”, ‘(The) Bishop of Truro, one of his first acts was to appoint Canon Carter the Superior of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament to be his Diocesan Missioner.’

P.58 – “Mr Stevenson Blackwood on the Prosecution of Ritualists”, Correspondence.

P.63-64 – “Prayers for the Dead”, correspondence.

P.64-66 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commissioners”, continued from P.53.

P.68 – “The Reformation Settlement”, A review of the book, ‘being a Summary of the Public Acts and Official Documents relating to the Law and Ritual of the Church of England from AD 1509 to AD 1666,’

Issue 6 -  June 1885
P.73-81 – “The Twentieth Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

P.82 – “Extinguishers Wanted”, ‘At the admission of Churchwardens in St Paul’s Cathedral, the Churchwardens of St Thomas’s Church Bethnal Green, handed in a presentment against the vicar for having on, and since, Palm Sunday introduced lighted candles on the altar, the same not being wanted for the purposes of light.’ (Church Review)  ‘All honour to the Churchwardens for doing their duty. But we know by experience that while the “Court” pockets their fees it will do nothing whatever to redress their grievances. This is called justice in “Spiritual” courts.‘

P.83 – “The Archiepiscopal Cross”, ‘Archbishop Benson has accepted a jewelled cross  . . . We know that in the reigns of Elizabeth and James (ie when the so-called “ornaments-rubric” was most recent), not a single bishop ever used the pastoral staff.’

Supplement page – “City Protestant Depot”, A notice advertising the opening of ‘a central depot where distinctively Protestant and Evangelical literature may be inspected, and variety obtained, has long been felt.’ This was by John Kensit, subsequently the founder of the Protestant Truth Society.

Issue 7 – July 1885
P.ii – “Special Appeal for Funds”, ‘During the last year the Association was put to the enormous expense of £973, in order to examine and expose the reactionary tendency of the report of the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts.” A list is given of some £570 in contributions already having been made.

P.89 – “’The Ritualists’ and the Law”, editorial.

P.93-96 – “Protestant Papers on the Prayer Book, No.VII”, ‘The Declaration of Kneeling.’

P.96-98 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commissioners”. Continued from P.66.

Issue 8 – August 1885
P.101 – “The Drum Ecclesiastic”, editorial on the appointment of ‘the youngest prelate on the bench to the Primacy of all England’.

P.102-106 – “The Stroud Green Scandal”, announcement and comment upon the appointment of  a Ritualistic clergyman.

P.107-108 – “Attack on the Revised Version in Convocation”

P.108-109 – “Revision of the Prayer Book in America”

Issue 9 – September 1885
P.113-115 – “Discipline for the Laity”, editorial.

P115-116 – “The Privy Council and Its Critics”

P.117 – “The Church of England Woking Men’s Society”, report on the ninth anniversary meeting. ‘A considerable number of Ritualistic priests were scattered about the room.’

P.120-122 – “The Liverpool Case”, Admonition of the Rev J Bell Cox.

P.123 – “Changes in the Council”, Obituary notice of Mr T R Andrews, Past-chairman of the Council. Mr J Maden Holt, current Chairman of council resigned; Mr E C Boville appointed temporary Chairman.

Issue 10 – October 1885
P.127-129 – “The Apologia of the Bishops”, editorial.

P.129 – “The Lesson of the Tetbury Case”

P.130-132 – “Evening Communions”, ‘There are many “signs of the times” that a struggle is about to commence for the entire suppression of Evening Communions.’

P.132-134 – “Lord Ebury on the State of the Church of England”

P.135-137 – “Evidence Given before the Royal Commission”, continued from P.98.

P.137-139 – “Troubles Connected with the Prayer Book of 1549”, a review of a book of this title.

Issue 11 – November 1885
P.141-142 – Obituary notice of the Late Earl Shaftesbury. ‘The Church of England has lost her greatest son. Now that Lord Shaftesbury has been taken away from us we see what a giant he was, for there is no man to take his place. He, like Saul, was higher than any of the people from his shoulders and upward.’

P.143-144 – “Religion and Art”, editorial

P.144-147 – “The Crucifix at St Paul’s”

P.147 – Capt A W Cobham JP elected Chairman of the Association.

P.149 – “Our Veto-Bearers”, ‘The first act of the first Bishop appointed by the new Premier was to officiate in the church of the Rev Bryan King . . . where coloured vestments are used, and lights burn in the daytime before “the God of the earth” as the Rev J S Pollock, of Birmingham, designates the consecrated wafer.’

Issue 12 – December 1885
P.155-156 – “The Liverpool Conference”, editorial

P.157-168 – Proceedings of the Autumn Conference held in Liverpool. Bishop Ryle addressed the conference on ‘Church Reform v Disestablishment’.

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