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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 17 – 1883

Issue 1 - January 1883

P.1 – Mr T R Andrews, ex chairman of Council, elected Vice-President.

P.2-11 -  ‘The Miles Platting, MacKonochie and Prestbury cases.’ Developments.

Issue 2 – February 1883
P.25 – ‘The Council are watching with interest and sympathy the action of the Bishop of Manchester in the Miles Platting case . . . to evidence their grateful appreciation of his resolute determination to defend the principles of the Reformation.’

P.25-28 – Correspondence on the Mackonochie case.

P.28-35 – The Bishop of Peterborough and “Prayers for the Dead”.

P.36-40 – Letter from Rev H H Smith advising the reason why he cannot support the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel due to the Society having departed from its old lines. He lists the names of missionaries and officials of the Society ‘who have publicly given their support to the Ritualistic movement’.

Issue 3 – March 1883
P.49-54 – Further comment on the Mackonochie and Miles Platting cases.

P.54-57 – “Dr Newman and Protestant School Girls”

P.58-64 – “The Bishops and the Ritualists”  Correspondence.

Issue 4 – April 1883
P.74-75 – “The Bordesley Scandal”, comment.

Issue 5 – May 1883
P.98-102 – Further action on the Mackonochie case.

P.103-110 – “The reactionary and retrograde tendency of Ritualism – Evidenced by the Proposed Recurrence to the First Prayer Book of Edward VI”

Issue 6 – June 1883
P.121 – Mr J M Holt elected Chairman of Council. Messrs. R Baxter, J Girdlestone, A Stead, General Copland-Crawford, Captain the Hon C E Hobart-Hampden, Rev H H A Smith and Rev R G Smith elected Members of Council.

P.122-144 – “Annual Report”

P.144-168 – “Annual Meeting and Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 7 – July 1883
P. 169 – Mr J Horwood elected member of council. Captain Palmer resigned as Secretary to the Association for fifteen years.

P.169 – Tracts LXXX and LXXXI published.

P.170-172 – “Arches court of Canterbury”, further proceedings in the Mackonochie case.

P.172-178 – “Annual Conference”, continuation of proceedings from P.168.

Issue 8 – August 1883
P.194 – Tract LXXXII published.

P.195-197 – “Prayer Meeting”, the third ‘general summons to prayer’. (The previous two occasions were in 1867 and 1874.)

P.197-202 – “Legal Proceedings”, further action in the Mackonochie case.

P.203-206 – “The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament”, Details of a resolution passed by the Reading Branch.

P.206-207 – “Sisterhoods in the Church of England” A committee appointed by the Upper House of Convocation ‘to consider the present relations of  Sisterhoods and Deaconesses with the Church’.

Issue 9 – September 1883
P.219-245 – “Report of the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts” ‘The proposals deeply affect the well-being of the very life of the Church of England, and demand the earnest attention of all her faithful children. We are sorry to state that . . . the Report is not satisfactory, though we confess that the constitution of the Committee did not inspire us with confidence.’

P.245-246 – “Martin v Mackonochie”, further details.

P.247 – “The use of ‘the Wafer’ in the Church of england”, ‘a practice exists of breaking the consecrated wafer and depositing a portion of it in the chalice.’

P.247 – “Ritualists Promoted . . .”,  Twelve clergy, members of the English Church Union, are listed as having been recently promoted.

Issue 10 – October 1883
P.250-255 – “The Report of the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts”, reprinted from The Wiltshire Protestant beacon.

P.255-259 – “The Luther Commemoration for Great Britain and Ireland”, a preliminary statement regarding the 400th anniversary of Luther’s birth.

P.259-263 – “The Pusey Memorial”, comment on the proposal to commemorate Rev Dr E B Pusey on his death.

P.263-267 – “The Rev S F Green and Miles Platting”, correspondence.

P.271-272 – “The Church of England Working Men’s Society”, ‘The object of this paper is to show . . . it is essentially a Romanising Society’.

Issue 11 – November 1883
P.273 – Mr E C Boville elected a Member of Council.

P.273-275 – “Legal Proceedings”. Continuation of the Mackonochie case.

P.276-323 – “Autumn Conference”, proceedings at Reading.

Issue 12 – December 1883
P.325 – Rev W Clementson and Rev Charles Stirling elected Members of Council.

P.325-328 – “The Report of the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts”, paper by J T Tomlinson.

P.328-332 – “Statutory Enactments at and after the Reformation”

P.334-339 – “The Luther Commemoration” Report.

P.340-342 – “Martin v Mackonochie” Further action.

P.342-344 – “Romish Inroads” Comment on a publication ‘The eastward position’.

P.346-350 – “What the Ritualists Teach: Extracts from the Writings of the Romanizers”


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