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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 16 – 1882

Issue 1 - January 1882

P.2 – Tracts LXXIII-LXV published.

P.3-26 – “The Autumn Conference”, proceedings, continued from Volume XV, P.361.

Issue 2 – February 1882
P.36-44 – “The proposed New Code of canons”

P.47-57 – “The Case of the Rev S F Green”, copies of correspondence with ‘replies to mis-statements’.

Issue 3 – March 1882
P.66-71 – The Mackonochie case, continuing comments and action.

P.71-73 – “Contumacious Clerks”, text of ‘A Bill to amend the Procedure against Contumacious clerks, the Church discipline Act, and the public Worship Regulation Act, 1874’.

P.73-82 – “The Case of the Rev S F Green”, continuing comments.

Issue 4 – April 1882
P.96-112 – “Annual Report”

P.112-128 – “Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1882
P.132-135 – “The Salisbury Diocesan board of education”, contents of a church association paper given by a member of council of a local committee.

Issue 6 – June 1882
P.154-191 – “The Spring Conference”, proceedings.

P.191-192 – “House of Lords, May 22”, appeal in the Enright case dismissed.

Issue 7 – July 1882
P.193-195 – “Prize Essays”, awards made in the competition arranged during the previous year.

P.195-198 – “Ecclesiastical Cases”, further comment and action on the Mackonochie and bordesley cases.

P.198-199 – “The New Catholic League”, ‘Constitution and Rules of the latest ritualistic advance in the Church of England. . . . They involve for the most part a pure and simple profession of Romanism, in its most erroneous and unscriptural tenets.’

P.199-207 – “Ecclesiastical Prosecutions Advocated by Ritualists”

P209-211 – “Imprisonment of Contumacy Bill”, Archbishop of Canterbury introduced this Bill in the House of lords avowedly for the purpose of releasing from prison the Rev S F Green.

Issue 8 – August 1882
P.217 – “Mr Gladstone an Advocate for Putting down Ritualism by the Authority of the Law”

P.218-225 – “Ecclesiastical Proceedings”, further action on the Mackonochie, Bordesley, Prestbury and Green cases.

P.226-228 – “The Mediaeval Origin of Transubstantiation”

P.228-232 – “The Ecclesiastical Courts”, extract from a ‘valuable pamphlet’ by Mr Hugh Cowie, Chancellor of the Diocese of Durham.

P.232-234 – “The Bishop of Liverpool on the Christian Ministry”, extract from a sermon by the Rev J C Ryle.

P.235-237 – “The New Catholic League”, comments.

Issue 9 – September 1882
P.242-259 – “The Crisis in the Church, the Crisis of the Nation”. ‘ The Church is sinking, not under the weight of years, nor by process of natural decay. Her sufferings and her danger are due to the the presence in her system of a foreign body, which resists the process of assimilation. That foreign body is Ritualism.’

Issue 10 – October 1882
P.266-268 – “The Crisis in the Church of England”, further comment.

P.262-272 – “Urgent Need of Union Among Protestants”, paper read at Devonport Branch.

P.273-279 – “The Case of the Rev S F Green”, comment and press opinions.

P.279-281 – “The Bishops and Ritualism”, further correspondence.

Issue 11 – November 1882
P.289-300 – “Liturgical Worship” and “Shall We Go Back to the Prayer Book of 1549?”

P.300-305 – “Should the Church Association Be Dissolved or Strengthened by Those who Value the English Reformation and the Gospel Truths Identified with It”, ‘Some of the speeches delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford at the Diocesan Conference under the presidency of the Lord Bishop of Oxford. Mr J H Wilson moved: “That it appears to this conference desirable, in the interest of the Church, to promote the dissolution of the two Societies known as the Church Association and the English Church Union”.’

P.305-309 – “The Case of the Rev S F Green”, correspondence.

P.309-312 – “Reply to Criticisms on Privy Council Judgments”, comments on Edward VI Prayer Books.

Issue 12 – December 1882
P.314 – Rev F Hoare appointed a member of the general Committee.

P.314-327 – “The Miles Platting Case”, proceedings.

(P.317-319) – “Daily Services”, Great difference of opinion exists on the question of having daily Services in Parish churches.”

P.328-330 – “The Necessity and Duty of Controversy”, from a paper read at Leamington by Rev Dr E Wilkinson.

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