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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 15 – 1881

Issue 1 - January 1881

P.1 - The following were elected Members of the Council:- the Hon H Tollemache, Rev Burman Cassin, Rev William Allan, Rev William Adamson and Rev T J Gaster.

P.6-14 – “Queen’s Bench Division – The Case of the Rev T P Dale and his committal for contumacy”

P.15-20 – “In the Arches Court of Canterbury – the case against the Rev John de la Bere” heard in his absence.

Issue 2 -  February 1881
P.39-41 – Letter from the Secretary to ‘The Times’ in response to a letter published from Bishop Claughton.

P.42-43 – Letter from the Secretary to ‘The Times’ in response to a letter published from the Rev Dr Pusey.

P.43-51 “High Court of Judicature – in the matter of the Rev T P Dale’s imprisonment . . . and in a similar manner the Rev E W Enraght”

P.55-57 – ‘The Bishops of Salisbury and Ely on Sacerdotalism’

Issue 3 – March 1881
P.70-72 – “The Ornaments’ Rubric”

P.72-77 – “The True History of the Ritualistic Conspiracy”

Issue 4 – April 1881
P.89 – The Rev Joseph Bardsley elected Vice-President.

P.89 -  Six prizes of twenty guineas are offered for the best essay on the following  subjects:-  1, The Church – Its Constitution, Character and Continuity; 2, The Ministry and Its Functions; 3, The Sacrament of Baptism; 4, The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; 5, The Rule of Faith; and 6, Worship and Ritual.

P.93-111 – “Report of the Council”

P.112-132 – “Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1881
P.133 -  Sir Charles James Palmer elected Vice-President.

P.137-139 – “The Rationale of Fasting”

P.144-150 – Judgment of the appeal in the Mackonochie case.

P. 150-154 -  “High Court of Justice”, sittings in the matter of the Rev S F Green, Rector of miles Platting.

Issue 6 – June 1881
P.166-196 – “The Spring Conference’, proceedings.

Issue 7 – July 1881
P.201-209 – “Dean Burgon’s Letter to Canon Gregory”,  ‘No one can be familiar with the public utterance of Dean Burgon touching the religious controversies of the day, without a deep feeling of admiration for his great talent for controversy, his theological learning, his noble candour, and his unshaken and unimpeachable loyalty to the Protestant  Church of England, though he never repudiated his avowed attachment to the High Church party in the Church of England.  With Bishop Wordsworth Dean Burgon raised his voice years ago against the aggressive and unscrupulous dishonesty of the ritualistic party. . . .’

P.209-216 – “The Rev joseph Bardsley on the Memorial of the Five Deans”. Letters from the Rev J Bardsley to a clergyman who signed the Memorial address to the Archbishop of Canterbury in favour of granting toleration to the Ritualists.

Issue 8 – August 1881
P.239-243 – “Secret Transactions of the Society of the Holy Cross”

P.246-248 – “The English Church Union Confession of Faith”. ‘The English church Union has been holding its ‘High Celebration’, . . . the proceedings from first to last, being what might have been expected from a body of men whose aim is to undo the work of the Reformation, destroy the Protestantism of the English Church, and to bring back the idolatrous rites of Romanism and its mind-enslaving and soul-destroying dogmas and practice. . . .’

Issue 9 – September 1881
P.255-262 – “The Miles Platting Case”  proceedings.

P.266-272 – “Discharge of Contumacious Prisoners Bill”, second reading in the House of Lords and comment.

Issue 10 – October 1881
P.285-295 – “The New Phase of the Ecclesiastical Crisis – Plea for toleration takes the place of assertion of legal right”

P.295-298 – “The Case of the Contumacious Ritualists”,   a letter to the editor of ‘The Record’.

Issue 11 – November 1881
P.301 -  “Prize Essays”, eighty-four essays had been received.

P.309-311 – “The Principles of the Reformation”, statement by the Rev Dr Blakeney at the Church Conference.

P.317-325 – “The Bishop of  Liverpool (Dr Ryle) on the Chief Internal Danger of the Church”

P.325-327 – “The Limits Within Which Variations of Ritual May Be Permitted”, paper read by Ven Archdeacon Bardsley at the Church Congress.

Issue 12 – December 1881
P.333 – Rev Frederick Tugwell and Mr F W Smith elected Members of Council.

P.334-361 – ‘The Autumn Conference” proceedings.

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