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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 14 – 1880

Issue 1 - January 1880

P.3 – Leaflets 31-33 published.

P.4-32 – “The Conference at Southport” – Proceedings of the second day, continued from P.412 of volume XIII.

Issue 2 – February 1880
P.33 – Rev Lewen Tugwell elected Member of Council.

P.35-40 – “Our Lord a Pattern to the Christian Minister”, address by Rev Canon Clayton.

P.42-47 – The Mackonochie case continued.

P.47-54 – “The Mass A Masquerade – The Mass IN Masquerade”, Part I.

P.55-57 – “The Status of the national Church”

Issue 3 – March 1880
P.65 – J G Sheppard elected Vice-President; Rev John Bennett elected Member of Council; Rev A B Burton & H F Bowker elected Members of the general Committee.

P.70-75 – “The Mass . . .”, Part II, continuation of article from P.54.

P.78-80 – “The Rev Dr Wainwright on Priestcraft”

Issue 4 – April 1880
P.99-101 – “Legal Proceedings”. Further actions in various cases including the Mackonochie case.

P.102-122 – “Annual Report of the Council”

P.122-132 – “Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1880
P.133 – Sir John Coode, Captain Cundy and Henry Rose elected Members of Council.

P.135 – “The Rev J C Ryle, who was lately appointed to the Deanery of Salisbury, has been nominated by her Majesty the Queen to be the first Bishop of the newly constituted Bishopric of Liverpool. All members and friends of the Association will rejoice in this appointment.”  J C Ryle writes: ‘I ask the Committee to accept my thanks for all their many kindnesses, and I beg them to pray for me, that I may always be a Protestant and Evangelical Bishop.’

P.143-154 – “House of Lords – The Clewer Case”, delivery of judgment.

P.155-158 – “Arches Court of Canterbury”,  the Mackonochie case continued.

P.158-160 – “Ritualistic Literature”

Issue 6 – June 1880
P.166-167 – “The Policy of the Church Association”. A list of nine proposals ‘to further the objects of the Association’ submitted by the Council to its 14,000 members and 398 branches ‘ready and anxious to support the Council in any vigorous measures they may think it advisable to adopt’.

P.168-192 – “The Spring Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 7 – July 1880
P.194 – “The Right Rev Dr Ryle, Bishop of Liverpool, took leave of his old parishioners at Stradbrooke”

P.194-198 – The Mackonochie case continues

P.198-199 – “Protest Against the Appointment of a Roman Catholic Viceroy of India”

P.207-213 – “Ritualism at Chiswick”, protest and correspondence.

Issue 8 – August 1880
P.219 -  J S Coysh elected Member of Council; E D Suter elected Member of the general Committee.

P.220-221 – “Proceedings in the Ecclesiastical Courts”, position of four cases.

P.224-225 – “James II and the Seven Bishops”, article by Bishop J C Ryle.

P.227 – “Queen Elizabeth’s Act of uniformity”

P.228-230 – “The Sequestration of the Rev A H Mackonochie’s Living”

Issue 9 – September 1880
P.245-248 – “The Jesuits”, A review of the book ‘A Glimpse of the Great Secret society’.

P.248-256 – “Root errors of ritualism”. ‘It is too much the habit of what are termed ‘moderate Ritualists’ to repudiate, or extenuate, the fully developed Ritualistic teaching and practices now rending our Church, and to assume that they stand on different platforms, and that their more discreetly restrained position is one perfectly consistent with the Articles and liturgy.’

Issue 10 – October 1880
P.268-272 – “Root Errors of ritualism”, further notes on the article in the previous issue.

P.273-275 – “What is Ritualism?”

P.276-278 – “Gloomy Prospects of the Church of England”,
                                    ‘Storms are gathering in the sky,
                                    Vengeful thunders hover nigh;
                                    Plague-spots in the Church appear,
                                    Filling every heart with fear, . . . ’
Thus opens some 100 lines of verse on this subject by the Hon and rev Baptist Noel.

P.279-280 – “The Revised Rubrics and Proposed Canons Ecclesiastical” ‘. . . While the Church has slept, some of her enemies have sown Popish tares in her Prayer Book rubrics, and unless we awake very soon, we shall discover that they have become a part of the law of our once Protestant Church of England. . . .’

Issue 11 – November 1880
P.281-302 – “The Church Association: Its Past Action and Future Policy” ‘The Church of England has reached a crisis in its history which is of unprecedented magnitude and importance. No desire to make the best of things should be allowed to call off the attention of earnest Protestants from the gravity of this crisis, as it stands related to the moral and religious interests of the nation at large as well as to the future of our ecclesiastical institutions. . . .’

P.303-330 -  “The Autumn Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 12 – December 1880
P.333 – Resignation of Mr T R Andrews as Chairman of the Council.

P.333 – Appeal for new subscriptions to the New Guarantee Fund.

P.334-338 – “Arches Court of Canterbury”, Proceedings re the Rev T P Dale.

P.342-360 – Comments and press reports on the case of the Rev T P Dale (St Vedast, Foster Lane, London).

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