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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 11 – 1877

Issue 1 - January 1877
P. 1 - "Some men may cry, "Peace, peace; oh sacrifice anything for peace!" but there can be no real peace while our Church tolerates and fosters Popery. Is ecclesiastical peace so sweet, that it is worth purchasing at the expense of truth? Is a quiet life so precious, that in order to secure it we will tolerate transubstantiation and auricular confession? God forbid that we should say so! What others think I know not. For my own part my mind is made up. I have come to one decided conclusion. I say, give me a Protestant and Evangelical Church of England, or no Church of England at all. When the reformed Church of England renounces her Protestant principles and goes back to Popery, her glory will have departed. She will be an offence to God, and not a resting-place for any true Christian." - Rev Canon Ryle.

P.7-10 - "Ritualism in the Navy."

P.10-13 - "Reasons for Opposing Ritualism" - Rev Canon Ryle

P.15 - List of Bishops according to the date of their appointments.

P.15-21 - "Inhibition" - served on Rev Arthur Tooth of St James', Hatcham.

P.25-28 - "The Eastward Position" - a discussion.

P.28-29 - "Military Chaplains"

Issue 2 - February 1877
P.37-47 - The Hatcham Ritual Case

P.47-57 - "The English Church Union and the Ecclesiastical Courts" - discussion and comments following a Resolution at a meeting - see P22 ante.

P.57-59 - "The Jesuits" - a discussion on the sympathy held by the English church union with the cause of the Jesuits.

Issue 3- March 1877
P.72-79 - "The Hatcham Case"

P.81-104 - "The Folkestone Ritual Case"

Issue 4 - April 1877
P.105 - The Earl of Bandon appointed Vice-President.

P.107-117 - "Ritualism at Wolverhampton"

P.123-133 - 'Ritualism at Wolverhampton' - the hearing and comments.

Issue 5 - May 1877
P.141 - The death is announced of the Hon William Ashley, brother of the earl of Shaftesbury, a Vice-President of the Association 'and a warm supporter of Evangelical principles'.

P.143-164 - "What do we Owe to the Reformation?" - rev Canon Ryle.

P.165-173 - "Church and State" - Address by the Dean of St Paul's and 'other sympathisers of the ritualists', and comments.

Issue 6 - june 1877
P.179-218 - "The Folkestone ritual Appeal" - Judgment and comments.

Issue 7 - july 1877
P.219-235 -  "Annual report of the Church Association"

P.235-277 - "Conference on the Ridsdale (Folkestone) Judgment"

P.277-282 - "Annual meeting"

Issue 8 - August 1877
P.283 - "Special Appeal for Funds"

P.287-293 - "Address by the Council" - 'The church Association have been engaged for upwards of ten years in offering a determined opposition to the most serious, deeply laid, and resolute attempt that has ever been made to Romanize the Church of england. In prosecuting their labours they have had to endure misrepresentation and obloquy; but it has been the earnest endeavour of the Council to avoid "rendering railing for railing;" and they believe that they have never issued any official document which has transgressed the laws of courtesy or Christian charity. They have acted throughout under a deep conviction that they were engaged in a momentous struggle; that their controversy was not with individuals, but in the defence of principles, and they are content to await the judgment of the future as to the value and importance of their labours in defence of the principles and order of the established Church. . . .'

P.295-298 - "St Vedast's, Foster Lane" judgment.

P.298-301 - "The prestbury case - Judgment"

P.301-312 - "Anti-Confessional Meeting"

P.312-316 - "The Priest in Absolution" - debate in the House of Lords.

Issue 9 - September 1877
P.317 - Rev Thomas joseph Gaster appointed member of the General Committee.

P.320-325 - "Anti-Confessional Meeting" - correspondence from bishops.

P.327-334 - "The Bishops and the Holy Cross Society"

P.334-344 - "Anti-Confessional Meeting at Manchester" -'a great meeting of Protestant Churchmen and friends of the reformation was held in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester.'

Issue 10 - October 1877
P.357-361 - "Revision in the Church of Ireland"

P.361-365 - "The ridsdale judgment"

P.369-374 - "The Ritualistic Practices at Christ church, Wolverhampton" -  correspondence.

P.374-379 - "The Bishop of Winchester and the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Portsmouth" - correspondence on ritual practices.

Issue 11 - November 1877
P.391-397 - "The Counter-Theories (as to Vestments) to the ridsdale Judgment"

P.397-399 - "Ordination and Confession"

Issue 12 - December 1877
P.422-427 - "The Hatcham case" Judgment.

P.428-466 - "Conference at Birmingham" -  proceedings at the autumn conference.



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