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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 8 – 1874

Issue 1 - January 1874
P.2 - The Baldacchino case - Chancellor of the Diocese of London declined to order a faculty for its erection.

P.2 - "The Anti-Confessional Movement" reports that a Meeting held in Brighton was attended by 4,000 people to support the movement.

P.6-8 -"A High Churchman on Romanizing within the Church of England"  - extract froma sermon by Rev J W Burgon.

P.8-18 - Articles on Auricular Confession.

P.18-24 - "The Judgment in the Baldacchino Case"

P,25-30 - "Anti-Confessional Meeting at York"

P.31-47 - Proceedings of the Wolverhampton Conference.

P.49-51 - "The Prestbury Ritual Prosecution" - prosecution of Rev J Edwards for ultra-Ritualistic practices.

Issue 2 - February 1874
P.53 - Issue of Tracts XXVII and XXVIII.

P.56-63 - "Confession and Forgiveness of Sins" - Rev Joseph Bardsley.

P.63-66 - "The Recent 'Declaration on Confession and Absolution', Illustrated by Dr Pusey's Practice"

P.66-69 - Comment on "The Coming Mission and the Confessional"

P.70-72 - Press Comment on "Bishop Ellicott and Ritualism"

Issue 3 - Marc h 1874
P.87 - Lord Cathcart, Lord Teignmouth and Sir Thomas Chambers elected Vice-Presidents.

P.93-97 - Comment on "The Charge of the Keys" - a pamphlet published by Revd Dr Wallis.

P.98-102 - Articles on the Confessional.

P.106 - Protest letter against Mr Gladstone's 'encouragement which has been given to sacerdotalism by the majority of (his) Church appointments'.

P.106-111 - "Anti-Confessional Meeting at Bournemouth"

Issue 4 - April 1874
P.119 - Rev J Richardson and Rev R C Billing elected Members of the Council; Rev Canon Bell and Rev Canon Hill elected Members of the General Committee.

P.121-135 - Annual Report.

P.142-143 - The Times on Ritual Prosecutions

P.146-150 - Correspondence on 'The Romanising of our Churches'.

Issue 5 - May 1874
P.152-153 - The Mackonochie 'Confessional' situation continues at St Alban's, Holborn.

P.153-166 - "Annual Meeting" - 'The attendance of members was very large.'

P.166-171 - "York Ecclesiastical Court, The Liverpool Ritual Case - Roughton v Parnell"

P.171-180 - "Public Worship Regulation Bill" introduced in the House of Lords; with the opinions of the Press.

Issue 6 - June 1874
P.187-192 - "What Mean Ye by this Service?" - a discussion on whether the introduction of changes in the churches are trifles or not.

P.192-219 - "Spring Conference"

Issue 7 - July 1874
P.221 - Death reported of the Rev Michael Hobart ' . . . one of our foremost champions . . to support the evangelical and protestant principles in our Church.'

P.229-231 - "Lord selborne and the public Worship Bill" - letter to The Times.

P.237-241 - "The rights of the Laity under the Church Discipline Act", opinion by A J Stephens QC.

P.241-247 - "What Mean ye By this Service?" - conclusion of the discussion from P.192.

P.250-256 - "Public Worship Regulation" - A bill for the better administration of the laws respecting the regulation of public worship.

P.256-258 - "Archdeacon Phillpotts on the Exeter Reredos"

Issue 8 - August 1874
P.261 - Right Reverend Bishop Anderson; Rev Dr Boultbee and Rev Charles kemble elected Vice-Presidents. Rev Alex baring-Gould; Rev Bury Capel; Rev R Henderson; Rev T France-Heyhurst; Rev C Jex-Blake; Rev Gilbert karney and Rev Dr Lowe elected Members of the general Committee.

P.262-264 - "Memorial to the Queen and the Archbishops"

P.267-272 - "The Bishops and the Ornaments Rubrics"

P.272-289 - "Public Worship Regulation Bill" - Debate and discussion.

Issue 9 - September 1874
P.295-298 - "The eastward Position!"

P.299 - "Jesuits in the Church of England"

P.300-304 - Lord Hampton and Mr Disraeli's last speech on the 'Public Worship Regulation Bill'.

P.304-306 - "Altar Cards"

P.306-316 - "Public worship Regulation Bill" - Details and list of supporters of an amendment, 32 in the house of lords and 103 in the `House of Commons.

P.317-323 - "A Roman Catholic Bishop on the Ritualists" . . . 'The work of the reformation was now happily being undone . . .'

Issue 10 - October 1874
P.325 - "Church congress" - Council urges friends throughout the country to attend and support those protestant and evangelical clergymen who have consented to read papers and speak at the Brighton Congress.

P.326-333 - "Convocation and the Rubrics" - 'The plot thickens. At each fresh stage of its development we have new complications. The ritualistic change of front is incessant and untiring. . . .'

P.334-336 - "The ornaments Rubric. Surplice or chasuble?" by W F Taylor DD LLD.

P.341-344 -  "Ritualistic "Honesty" "

P.344-346 - "A Catechism for Ritualists" - by a Protestant Englishman.

P.348-350 - "The Care of the Sick" - a paper highlighting the introduction of 'Ecclesiastical Sisters' into the care of the sick.

P.352-354 - "Mr Gladstone's Defence of Ritualism"

Issue 11 - November 1874
P.359-364 - "Distinctive Vestments" - by Rev Canon J C Ryle.

P.367-371 - Resolutions for the Revision of the Prayer Book in the Church of Ireland"

 P.373-380 - "The Christian Ministry.  Is It Sacerdotal in its Functions" - by L R Valpy.

Issue 12 - December 1874
P.397-398 - "A Collect to be Used in the Present Crisis"

P.398 - The Association's publications, Tracts XXIX - XXXIII and Leaflets XIX - XXI are recorded.

P.400-439 - Proceedings of the Conference. 'If there had been any doubts as to the sympathy which exists among the Evangelical party for the objects and operations of the Church Association, we think that the meeting at Willis's rooms . . . would have tended to dissipate them entirely. At no previous Conference do we remember to have seen so many country delegates, or so many lay and clerical supporters.' (A list of names is given of some 400 delegates at this conference.)

P.442-444 - "Parliament and Convocation in 1661"

P.444 - 'The Council have decided on appointing another Organising Secretary to enable them to carry on with more vigour the importabt work they have in hand.'  A salary of £300 is offered.


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