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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 7 – 1873

(Note : There are only 10 issues in this volume. Volume 8 began with January 1874)

Issue 1 - March
P.4-8 - "Ritualism and Ritualism" - Rev John Richardson, ' "Ritualism means the solemn, beautiful, and reverent performance of religious rites."  If this means 'all ritualism' it is not a correct explanation. Much performance of religious rites is neither solemn, beautiful nor reverent. If it means 'some ritualism', it is a truism which leaves the controverted point untouched. If it means 'my ritualism' - that of my school or practice - it begs the question. . . .'

P.10-16 - "The Irish Auxiliary" - Report of proceedings.

P.17-19 - "What Steps Should Be Taken to Oppose the Attempts Made to Romanize the Church of England." - Rev A A Isaacs

P.23 - "The Bishop of Argyll on the Downward Course of the Church of England."

Issue 2 - April 1873
P.25 - Rev C D Marston elected Member of Council.

P.27-29 - "The Right of the Laity to Promote the Judge's Office' - letter on the Reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts from Lord Shaftesbury to the Association and its reply.

P.29-36 - "The 'Gainsaying of Core' - Jude verse 11." - article by Rev C H Williams.

P.36-38 - "The S. M. F. or the Most Recent Feature of Ritualistic Propaganda." - An article on the movement of the Society for the Maintenance of the Faith 'whose avowed object is to purchase livings, and to fill up the vacancies by putting in men professing to hold the doctrine and discipline of ritualism'.

P.39-40 - Correspondence in which the Bishop of Manchester supports the Earl of Shaftesbury's measure on the Reform of the Ecclesiastical Law Courts.

P.40-42 - "Jesuits in the Church of England" - Comments on a tract to condemn all those who oppose the members of the 'Great Secret Society'.

P.42-45 - Correspondence on "The Confessional" with the Bishop of Winchester.

P.46 - Notice of a memorial to Archdeacon John Philpott, the 16th century 'Winchester Martyr'.

P.51-52 - "Ecclesiastical Nomenclature in the Church of England" - extracts from an article in Church Review  - an organ of the Romanizing party - viz 'stole or scarf', 'altar or communion table'.

Issue 3 - May 1873
P.53 - Lord Henry Vere Cholmondeley elected Vice-President; the Venerable Archdeacon Hunter elected Member of Council.

P.53 - Notice that the Council has produced Association Tracts Nos. XVI-XXI.

P.54 -  Address of the Council to their branches and supporters, acknowledging their support.

P.54-120 - Proceedings of the special conference to consider 'The position and future action of the Association'.

Issue 4 - June 1873
P.121 -  Sir Harry Verney elected Vice-President.

P.122-132 - Annual Report of the Church Association.

P.132-144 - "Memorial to the Archbishops and Bishops" - submission against Romish teaching in the Church of England.

P.145-156 - "The Annual Meeting."

Issue 5 - July 1873
P.157-165 - Archbishops' reply to the Memorial and subsequent responses.

P.167-198 -  "Anti-Confessional Meeting" proceedings.

P198-204 - "The Archbishops and Church Discipline" = Comments on the Archbishops' reply to the 'Memorial'.

Issue 6 - August 1873
P.205 - Rev Joseph Bardsley elected Member of Council.

P.206 -  Special appeal for funds.

P.208-211 - "Judicature Bill"

P.211-215 - "Debate in the House of Lords on the Confessional"

P.215-217 - "Ritualism Exposed in a Cathedral Pulpit" - A sermon preached in Bath Cathedral against ritualism by the Rev R E Wallis.

P.217-218 - "The Archbishop of Canterbury on the Duties of Churchwardens"

P.232-234 -  "Utterances of the Episcopal Bench on Confession"

Issue 7 - September 1873
P.237 - Notice of convening the Autumn Conference at Wolverhampton contains the following. 'It is announced the the English Church Union intend to hold a meeting of their supporters in Bath during the Congress week - and this - although it is well understood that Church Congresses are neutral ground. If such a course is persisted in, there will be no help for it but to hold a meeting in opposition to their teaching and proceedings. We are for peace, but if they are bent on war we have no alternative, while vital truths are at stake, but to accept the challenge.'

P.239-240 - "Election of Proctors to Convocation" - a plea by the Council for 'Protestant clergy to come forward and make a united effort to secure more adequate representation in the next Convocation'.

P.240-243 - "Incense" - Rev Hely H Smith

P.244-248 - "The Baldacchino" - comment on the request by St Barnabas, Pimlico, for a faculty to erect a baldacchino over the Communion Table in that Church.

P.249-260 - "Auricular Confession" - correspondence.

Issue 8  - October 1873
P.273 - "Register of Schools" - Church Association to produce a register of schools where 'sound Protestant doctrine' is taught.

P.275 - "Ritualism - the Way to Universal Unbelief"

P.278-286 - "Confession: Not Auricular"

Issue 9 - November 1873
P.306-309 - "Appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury from West Bromwich Laymen"

P.315-318 - "Charge of the Venerable Archdeacon Prest" - Durham.

P.322-329 - "The Baldacchino Case" - arguments.

Issue 10 - December 1873
P.339 - Tracts 22-25 issued.

P.341 - "Mr Disraeli on the Struggle Between the Spiritual and Temporal Power"  Article in the Times.

P.341 - "Importance of the Church Association" - '. . . which the Ritualists not long since tried hard to persuade themselves was virtually defunct, is daily filling a more and more important space in the public eye."

P.346 - "Bishop Ellicott on Ritualism"

P.349-353 - "The Stations of the Cross at Folkestone"

P.353-378 - Proceedings of the Conference at Wolverhampton.



Detailed accounts of the transactions of the various local Branches of the Associations continue to be recorded.

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