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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 6 - 1872-3

Issue 1 - March 1872
P.2-9 - "The Reports and Recommendations Made By the Ritual Commissioners"

P.9-23 - "Annual Report of the Church Association"

P.23-27 - Announcement of the organisation of a 'Clerical and Lay Union Branch', chaired by the Earl of Shaftesbury.

P.27-29 - "Memorial to the Archbishops on the Use of the Surplice in the Pulpit"

P.31-33 - The earl of Shaftesbury moves the second reading of the 'Ecclesiastical Courts and Registries Bill'.

Issue 2 - April 1872
P.41 - Lord Dynevor elected a vice-president.

P.42 - "Evening Communion and the Shortened Services Bill".

P.43-45 - "The Purchas Case"

P.45-49 - "Reports and Recommendations of the ritual Commissioners"

P.49 - "Reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts", The bill introduced by the Earl of shaftesbury passed its third reading in the House of Lords and shortly to be introduced into the House of Commons,

P.50-52 - Summaries of the Church Association lectures 1872 on:
            "The Uncertainties of the Church of Rome'
            "The Priests of the Three Temples"
            "Principles at Stake"
            "The Christian Ministry"

P.57-61 - "Burials Bill"

P.61-69 - Proceedings of the Annual Meeting

Issue 3 - May 1872
P.73 - Sir John Morris and Rev John Erskine Campbell-Colquhoun elected vice-presidents; Rev E C Ince elected Member of Council; Rev W F Taylor elected Member of the General Committee.

P.75 - Further comments on the 'Evening Communion and the Prayer Book (Shortened Services) Bill'

P.75 - "The Office of Tenebrae, the Most recent Innovation of the Ritualists"

P.82-84 - "Episcopal Address of the Year 1851" - an address, condemnatory of Ritualism, issued by two archbishops and 22 bishops at that date.

P.84-85 - "Is there Popery in the Prayer Book" - an 'able' address by Rev Dr Boultbee.

P.101 - "Scripture and Science Not at Variance" -  review of book by Archdeacon Pratt.

Issue 4 - June 1872
P.105 - Meeting of Council called for carrying out the resolution 'That the Council of the Church Association be requested to take the subject of the reform of Convocation into their most serious consideration, and to take such steps as may to them seem desirable'.

P.106-109 - Proceedings of conference

P.110-119 - "The Ritualists Exposed and Rebuked by Monsignor Capel" - report and comments.

P.119-146 - Proceedings of the sixth Annual Conference

Issue 5 - July 1872
P.150 - Rev Canon E R Eardley-Wilmot elected Vice-President

P.150 - Note of the Council Meeting (P.105) with the resolution passed 'That in the opinion of this meeting measures for the Reform  of Convocation ought not to be instituted by the Church Association, but that in the event of any decided action being taken by other parties, it will become the urgent duty of the Church Association to take such action into their earnest consideration and to seek the advice and assistance of all their Branches in deciding the course that ought to be taken'.

P.150-184 - "Sheppard v Bennett", judgment and comments on this case.

Issue 6 - August 1872
P.187 - J D Bourdillon Esq elected member of the general Committee.

P.197-191 - "The Purchas Case", comments and memorial

P.192-201 - Proceedings of a conference

P.202-209 - "The Bennett Judgment", review and comments

Issue 7 - September 1872
P.213-214 - Further comment on the Bennett judgment.

P.214-221 - "General Synod of the Church of Ireland; Its Constitution and Proceedings"

P.221-225 - "Earnestness and Sincerity No Proof of Orthodoxy"

P.226-228 - "Our Duty in the Present Position of the Church of England", paper read by Liet-Colonel Saville.

P.231-234 - "Ecclesiastical Courts and registries Bill", summary of the debate on the second reading in the House of Commons.

Issue 8 - October 1872
P.237-242 - "Present Perils of the church of England and How to Meet Them", letter from the Dean of Gloucester to Captain Palmer.

P.244-246 -  "Ritualism and the Mass"

P.246 - "The Tricks of Ritualists"

P.252-253 - "Protestant Ritualists", notes on a recent pamphlet.

P.253-256 - "The Irish Church', judgment in the case of the Rev Dr Maturin.

P.256-258 - Review of John Harrison's book 'An Answer to Dr Pusey's Challenge Respecting the Doctrine of the Real Presence'.

Issue 9 - November 1872
P.259 - Francis Mullinger Esq and Capt: Westcote Lyttleton elected members of Council.

P.259 - The death of Rev John Purchas terminates the law proceedings in his case.

P.260-297 - Proceedings of the conference at Southsea.

Issue 10 - December 1872
P.299 - Mr Joseph Hoare (elected May 1870) intimated his desire to retire from Chairmanship of the Council.

P.301-306 - "Hymns Ancient and Modern", article on 'the recent exposure of the Romish character of the above Ritualistic hymnal' by the Rev James Ormiston.

P.310-315 - The Dean of Carlisle on 'The Bennett Judgment', supporting the Church Association interests.

P.315-323 - Proceedings of the conference at Southsea.

P.323-330 - "What Duties Arise to the Evangelical Clergy and Laity Out of the Recent Decision of the Privy Council in the Case 'Sheppard v Bennett'."

Issue 11 - January 1873
P.332-339 - "Position and Future Action of the Association". A Sub-Committee appointed by the Council 'To consider and report upon what steps, if any, should be taken by the Church Association under the circumstances in which they are placed by the result of the Law proceedings instituted through their agency, and especially to meet the general impression entertained by their Branches that some action should be determined upon by the Council."

P.343-345 - "Episcopal Condemnation of Ritualism. Juvenile Clerical Ritualists."

P.347-350 - "Church of England Congregations in Scotland", notes of a meeting to receive a deputation from Scotland on their ecclesiastical position and relation towards the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Issue 12 - February 1873
P.355 - The Council have unanimously decided to elect as their Chairman `Mr T R Andrews, who has filled the post of Vice-Chairman since the formation of the Association.

P.357-359 - "Our Sister Church in Ireland", letter addressed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York 'to call attention to the disestablished Church of Ireland, which, since the Act for Disestablishment and Disendowment passed, has been endeavouring, amid many difficulties, to make provision for the maintenance of its Clergy.'

P.359-362 - "The Ritualists versus the Rev George Porter", 'Over and over again the Church Association has been made the object of hostile criticism for resorting to legal prosecutions in order to obtain authoritative opinions on disputed points of ritual and doctrine'.

P.362-364 - "Ritualistic Pulpit Eccentricities"

P.364 - "Pioneers for Popery", 'Dr Pusey has been pleased to speak to the Dean of Westminster as a pioneer for unbelief. Theologians should refrain from general imputations of this kind against each other. Members of the Church of England who belong to a different school of theology from Dr Pusey have an equal right, with still stronger reasons, to denounce him as a pioneer for Popery. The present Pope, who is likely to know the mental history on many converts to his religion, has compared Dr Pusey to a church bell, which goes on ringing to call men to church, but never goes into the church itself.' - Times Dec 28.

P.365-369 - "Ritualism at Southam", a lengthy discussion on this situation.

P.370-371 - "The Old Parishioner and the Modern Parson", 24 verses by Margaret Tupper forming a very meaningful plea.
            'Why John I haven't seen your face
              In Church for weeks, I know.'
            'No sir, it's such a queerish place, -
              When it's restored I'll go.'
            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
            'So that's why I don't come, you know;
              I will when it's restored:
            But now, sir, I don't dare to go,
              Because I love the Lord.'

P.372-376 - Extract from Rev Canon Bell's address at the annual meeting of the Cheltenham Branch. 'I have had the honour of being a Member of the Church Association from its first institution,  . . . and I see as yet no reason for withdrawing myself from it or for feeling differently towards it from what I did at first. It appears to me still to possess great claims on the support of all who have at heart the interest of our Reformed and Protestant Church, and who would maintain her doctrines intact, and her worship and her ritual pure.'


Detailed accounts of the transactions of the various local Branches of the Associations continue to be recorded.

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