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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 4 - 1870-71

Issue 1 - March 1870
P.1 - The Rev J A Aston MA elected member of Council. J A Allcroft Esq; T R Tuffnell Esq; J P Bolding Esq; Rev H Thompson elected members of the General Committee.

P.2-15 - Annual report of the Church Association.

P.15-26 - Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association, chaired by Captain the Hon F Maude RN, 'when the attendance was very numerous'.

P.27-50 - "Judgment of the Dean of Arches in the Case of Elphinstone v Purchas."


Issue 2 - April 1870
P.51 - Rev H W McGrath; Rev J H Titcomb; Jas Houldsworth Esq elected Members of Council.

P.56-57 - House of Lords 'Ecclesiastical Courts Bill.'

P.69-72 - 'Judicial Committee of the Privy Council' re Sheppard v Rev W J E Bennett - Judgment.


Issue 3 - May 1870
P.75-82 - Obituary notice of the late J C Colquhoun - Chairman of Council.

P.87-90 - 'Proceedings of the Church Association.'


Issue 4 - June 1870
P.103 - Mr Joseph Hoare elected to Chairman of Council in place of the late Mr J C Colquhoun. Mr Archibald Campbell Colquhoun and the Rev J C Ryle elected Vice-Presidents of the Association. Professor Donaldson elected Member of Council.

P.103-125 - Proceedings of the sixth conference of the Association.


Issue 5 - July 1870
P135 - Mr Walbank Childers elected Member of the General Committee.

P.139-143 - Comments on the "Ecclesiastical Courts and Registries Bill".

P.146-147 - "The Greek church, Her Doctrine and Principles Contrasted with Those of the Church of England."

P.147-149 - Correspondence on "Anglican Popery in the Diocese of Winchester."


Issue 6 - August 1870
P.162-164 - "The Reunion of Christendom." - extracts from the 'Church Review'.

P.166-168 - Comments on the Bennett case.

P.177-182 - Arches Court - Judgment on the Bennett case.


Issue 7 - September 1870
P.186-191 - "Protestantism and the Church of England."

P.195 - Plea for Joining the Church Association.

P.200-208 -"Opinions of the Press on the 'Bennett' Judgment."


Issue 8 - October 1870
P.211-219 - A communication on "The Priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and of His Members. What is it? 'We Have an Altar' What does it mean?"

P.219-221 - "Evening Communion." Comments on a pamphlet.

P.223-226 - "The Ultra-Ritualistic Services in Connexion with the A.P.U.C." Comments on four London Churches.


Issue 9 - November 1870
P.238-241 - "Evening Communion." Continuation of article in previous issue.

P.243-255 - Proceedings of the Autumn Conference in Liverpool.


Issue 10 - December 1870
P.259 - Appeal for funds.

P.262-268 - Legal Proceedings, continuation of the Mackonochie case.

P.268-271 - Opinions of the Press

P.272-274 - An Anglican Oratory in London

P. 275 - Statement by the Archbishop of Armagh on the Protestantism of the Church. '. . . If we are to exist at all, it must be as a purely Protestant and Scriptural Church. . . .'

P.275-277 - "The Power of Prayer" an address by the Rev W M Fallon read at the opening of the Liverpool conference.

P.277-283 - Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Yorkshire Church Association.


Issue 11 - January 1871
P.289 - T R Tufnell Esq and Rev G S Fitzgerald elected Members of Council.

P.290-293 - "Present Conflicts and Present Duties" - Extract from an article in the 'Christian Advocate' by the Rev E Garbett with references to the Church Association.

P.293-298 - "A Few Words upon Evening Communion" by the Rev P F Eliot. The writer declares that 'the practice of Evening Communion is in perfect harmony with (Anglican) sacramental teaching, and is calculated to increase the number of devout Communicants'.

P.298-300 - "Opinions of the Press on the Judgment in the Mackonochie case."


Issue 12 - February 1871
P.317-319 - "Proposed Ecclesiastical legislation" A letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Bishop of London.

P.323 - "The Bishop of Durham on the Ritualistic "Real Presence"."

P.338ff - Church Association Tract No VI, "Gospel Freedom and Priestly Tyranny".


Detailed accounts of the transactions of the various local Branches of the Associations continue to be recorded.

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