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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 3 - 1869-70

Issue 1 - March 1869
P.3 - Lord Shaftesbury refers to the Bill in the House of Lords on the Reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts. The following four pages refer to this.

P.6 - An extract from the first report on the Royal Commission on 'The Ornaments of the Minister'.

P.14 - Annual report of the Church Association 1869. Forty branches were in existence during the year.

P.19 - Court case, Martin v Mackonochie and others. Mackonochie was charged with four offences against the laws ecclesiastical:- 1, The elevation during or after the Prayer of Consecration in the order of administration of the Holy Communion of the paten and the cup, and the kneeling or prostrating himself before the consecrated elements; 2. Using lighted candles on the Communion Table during the celebration of the Holy Communion, when such candles were not wanted for the purpose of giving light; 3. Using incense in the celebration of the Holy Communion; 4. Mixing water with the wine used in the administration of the Holy Communion.

P.23-27 - Notes on the fourth Annual Meeting. Account of the exchange of correspondence with the Rev Dr Pusey. Forty-one names presented as Council for the ensuing year. Contributions to the Guarantee Fund exceeded the £50,000 required.


Issue 2 - April 1869
P.41 -  Council continues to meet fortnightly.

P.58-62 - Reports from various branches.


Issue 3 - May 1869
P.81-102 - Reports from various branches.


Issue 4 - June 1869
P.117-149 - Report on the Fourth Conference of Church Association.


Issue 5 - July 1869
P.153-164 - Deputation to Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

P.167 - Branch formed at Madras, India.

P.183 - Article on 'Ritualistic Mariolatry'.


Issue 7 - September 1869
P.206 - Article on 'The Reformation and what it has done for England'


Issue 8 - October 1869
P.225 - Programme for Church Association Conference at Bristol. Revd J C Ryle taking part.


Issue 9 - November 1869
P.250 - Deputation to Lord Shaftesbury to ask him to present to the Prime Minister (W E Gladstone) a memorial against the appointment of Dr temple to the see of Exeter.

P. 251-259 - Letter from Mr Colquhoun to Colonel savile relating to the Bristol Conference.

P.259-272 - Proceedings - including list of delegates - of the Bristol Conference

P.276 - Arches' Court - The charge of heresy against the Vicar of Frome. Sheppard v The Rev W J E Bennett.


Issue 10 - December 1869
P.279 - Captain Lyttleton appointed to be Lay Organizing Secretary to form branches and further the cause of the Association in London.

P.280 - Appeal for funds. Major F Ditman and Captain W C Palmer appointed as Secretaries.

P.281 - Lord Shaftesbury's letter and Gladstone's reply re the See of Exeter.

P.282-286 - Account of 'The Twelve days' Mission' - organised by the Society of St John at Cowley - "leaving the mark of its promoters in a manner that must be painfully striking to all true Protestants". One reporter states "The twelve days' services have been therefore, in plain reality only an attempt to gain one little step of vantage ground in the progress now making towards Rome . . . ".

P.288 - 'The English Church Union and Belief in the Real Objective Presence.' Rev Lord Godolphin Osborne preached " in the matter of the 'Real presence' they were after all at one with their Roman catholic brethren; that the English Church Union defended the doctrine of the real objective presence; and if they must not have what they required in the Church of England, they will go to the Church of Rome.".

P.289 - 'Anglican Monkery - An account of the admission of two novices to the Order of St benedict at the Rev J L Lyne's (Father Ignatius) monastery at Laleham.

P.297-302 - Arches' Court - Details of the case Sheppard v Rev W J E Bennett.


Issue 11 - January 1870
P.303 - Arches' Court continued.

P. 305 - Scheme for Classes and Prizes, for Knowledge of Church of England and Protestant Questions. Cash prizes to be offered for papers on five subjects.

P.308-311 - "Evening Communion" -  Paper by Rev R P Blakeney supporting the adoption of  Holy Communion at evening services.

P.312-319 -Article on  "The Teaching of the Ritualists Not the Teaching of the Church of england."

P.331-341 - Judgement in the case of Martin v MacKonochie.


Issue 12 - February 1870
P.344 - Persecution - A statement "The Council of the Church Association believe that many sound Evangelical Churchmen withhold support from them because they consider that the Association is so essentially contentious as to partake of a persecution character. this, however, is a misconception. It is indeed necessarily and fundamentally controversial, but the great object of the Association is to evoke the latent protestant feeling of the country, and to vindicate the Scriptural and Evangelical character of the Church of England against semi-popery and rationalism, by the legitimate means of the press, the pulpit, and the platform."

P.345 - Letter from the Chairman of Council to the Bishops of London, Winchester and Rochester regarding the ritualistic excesses during the Twelve Days' Mission (See P.282 ante.) and the replies.

P.347-352 - Article -"The Three Absolutions" by Rev R P Blakeney.


Detailed accounts of the transactions of the various local Branches of the Associations continue to be recorded.

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