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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume 2 - 1868-9

Issue 1 - March 1868
P.2 - List of 66 Branch Associations.

P.3-6 - Notes on the Pan-Anglican Synod.

P.6-10 - Convocation - Two resolutions on the subject of ritualism.

P.10-16 - Various comments on ritualism.

Issue 2 - April 1868
P.17-18 - "Appointment of Churchwardens".

P.22-25 - 'The evidence given by the Rev Mr (W E) Bennett, before the Ritual Committee is exceedingly valuable; for it informs us, beyond the possibility of mistake, what the rules are which Ritualists observe . . . they are simply to do exactly as they like, upon pretence of following "Catholic usage".'

P.25-28 - The "Church Times" and "Church Review". A passage taken from "Church Times" as a specimen of the malignant hatred entertained for the "Reformation". 'In sober truth, the English Reformation was an unmitigated disaster. It was simply a hypocritical practice to veil an insurrection of lust and avarice against religion. . . .'

P.33-34 - Article on "The Little Prayer Book". 'At the words "This is my body, this is my blood" you must believe tht the bread and wine become the real body and blood, with the soul and godhead and being of Jesus Christ. Bow down your heart and body in deepest adoration, and worship your Saviour there verily and indeed present on his altar. Then say, Hail true body, born of Mary," &c.'

p.35-39 - The prosecution case of Mr Mackonochie for ritualistic doings at St Alban's, Holborn.

P.40 - The appointment of Rev F O Giffard MA as Clerical Secretary to the Association.

P.41-50 - Report of the proceedings for the year 1867.

Issue 3 - May 1868
P.52-55 - Proceedings of the Church Association.

P.55-58 - Further proceedings on the Mackonochie case.

Issue 4 - June 1868
P.67-76 - Report of the Proceedings of the Second Conference of the Association, with 'a very large attendance'.

P.86 - Details of the 'Guarantee Fund' and the 'General Fund', Major Frederick Ditmas, Secretary.

Issue 5 - July 1868
P.88 - A bill for "better enforcing uniformity in the performance of public Worship in the United Church of England and Ireland," was introduced into the House of Lords by Lord Shaftesbury.

P.88-91 - Second Report of the Royal Commissioners on Ritual.

P.92-94 - Letter from Rev S C Malan on the Mariolatry of the Vestment Movement.

P.98-100 - The "Atheneum" on "The Church and the World" 1868

Issue 6 = August 1868
P.112-114 - Letter from Dr E B Pusey and the Association's reply - signed by W C Palmer, Minute Secretary.

P,115-125 - Report of the debate on the 'Uniformity of Public Worship Bill' in the House of Lords.

P.126-129 - "Important Corrections of Evidence on Altar Lights before the Royal Ritual Commission."

Issue 7 - September 1868
P.133 - Appointments.
1) - R C L Bevan Esq; Rev R P Blakeney DD LLD; Rev Canon Clayton BD; Rev Sir C R Lighton Bart; and Rev Prebendary J Venn MA as Vice-Presidents:
2) - Messrs: H F Bowker; C H Lovell; A R Pite; and J Hornsby Wright as Members of Council:
3) - Rev W Wilson DD, Canon of Winchester; Rev S Thornton MA, Rector of St George, Birmingham and Rev S C Adam MA as Members of the General Committee:
4) - Rev G Blake Concanon MA as Clerical and Organising Secretary.

P.143-146 - Review of the Atherstone Ritual Case.

P.147-149 - Further comment on Ritualism at St Albans, Holborn.

P.151 - Dr Pusey's Challenge to the Church Association.

Issue 8 - October 1868
P.159 - Church Association Office removed to 14 Buckingham Street, Strand, WC.

P.162-165 - Correspondence with Dr Pusey and Archdeacon Denison.

P.166-172 - "Ecclesiastical Nursing", article on Ritualism.

P.172-177 - "Extraordinary Harvest Festival at Haydock".

P.177-179 - Press comment in support of the Thirty-Nine Articles.

P.179-182 - Extract from the Bishop of Worcester's Charge.

P.182-184 - Appeal for Protestant Middle Class Schools.

Issue 9 - November 1868
P.194 - Further correspondence with Archdeacon Denison.

P.195-198 - "Ignatius the Monk", article on the proceedings of the Rev J L Lyne of the English order of St Benedict.

P.199-200 - "Condemnation of Ritualism by the Canadian Provincial Synod."

P.201-215 - Proceedings of the Annual Conference, held at Manchester, including a section on 'The Church Association Plans, Operations and Extensions'.

P.223-229 - "Ritualism at Brighton."

Issue 10 - December 1868
P.231-235 - "The Prosecution of the Rev W J E Bennett."

P.235-237 - "Judicial Comment of the Privy Council" - further comments on the Mackonochie case.

P.237-240 - "Reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts", by J C Traill, Barrister-at-Law.

P.243-250 - "Romanizing Teaching on Prayer and the Holy Communion."

Issue 11 - January 1869
P.263 - J D Bourdillion Esq elected as Member of Council. Council continues to meet at fortnightly intervals.

P.265 - The "Guarantee Fund' reached the agreed amount of £50,000.

P.267-270 - "Reformed or Deformed."

P.271-274 - Judgment on the Mackonochie case.

274-277 - "Vestments and the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper", the late Archbishop of
Canterbury's opinions.

295-302 - "Judgment of the Lords of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council", detail of the proceedings of the Mackonochie case.

Issue 12 - February 1869
P.303 - Rev James Cohen elected member of Council; Sir Charles H Lowther, Bart elected Vice-President of the Association.

P.305-310 - Further notes on the Mackonochie case.

P.315-317 - "The Ritualist Press on the Late Judgment."

P.330-334 - "Diocesan Synods", Discussion on the movement for reviving and reorganising the Diocesan Synod.

This volume continues to provide extensive reports on the Branches of the Association.

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