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 Church Association Monthly Intelligencer

Volume I - 1867-8

Every issue of the Intelligencer carries particulars of new Branches being formed and detailed accounts of the proceedings of a selection of such branches.

Church Association formed in 1865
Chairman of Council – John Campbell Colquhoun
Vice Chairman – T R Andrews

Issue I – Missing

Issue II – April 1867
P.1 – “The Council of the Church Association have had for some time under their consideration various plans designed to arrest the progress of Romanizing Ritualism in our Church.” . . . “These plans may be stated as four:- 1st To ascertain and vindicate the law of the Church by a prosecution for practices considered illegal; 2nd To strengthen the law of the Church by an enactment directed against the most obnoxious practices of Ritualism; 3rd To enlarge the power of the Bishops, and give them a discretionary jurisdiction to regulate the performance of public worship; 4th To refer the whole questions to a Royal Commission.”

P.3 – Earl of Shaftsbury – Bill to declare the use of Romanizing vestments illegal.

P.4 – Series of relevant lectures recorded. “Priesthood” Rev Hugh McNeile DD; “Ritualism” Very Rev Francis Close DD; “The Mass in the Church of England” Rev R P Blakeney; “The Confessional” Rev J C Miller DD; “No Peace with Rome” Rev M Hobart Seymour MA; “Why Were Our Reformers Burned?Rev J C Ryle BA.

P.6 – Local Associations formed at Birkenhead, Bristol, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Derby, Devonport, Folkestone, Gloucester, Hulme, Lambeth, Leamington, Reading, Ryde, Salford, Southport, Taunton, Tunbridge Wells, Weston-super-Mare, Wolverhampton and York.

P.9 – “The Ladies and the Priests. . . . Lord Shaftesbury, when presiding at the great anti-ritualistic county meeting at Dorchester, said, not very gallantly, but we fear not very untruly, that the ladies had to answer for the prevalence and success on priestly pretensions. . . .”

P.10 – Article “Ultra-ritualism described 200 years ago.”

P.12 – Library formed for the general purposes of the Church Association. Communications to be directed to the Editor at 8 Adam Street, Adelphi.

Issues III – V – Missing

Issue VI – August 1867
P.53 – Attention drawn to Romanizing influences in the Oxford Diocese. Illustrations of stone ‘altar’ and stone reredos in the Parish Church of Bloxham – near Newbury.

P.55 – Article “The Law as it affects Stone Altars and Crucifixes.”

P.57 – Article “Address to the Lay Members of the Council of Church Association to the People of England.”. Local Associations formed at Bath, ‘Salop’ and Burton-on-Trent.

Issue VII – September 1867
P.70 – Second “Address to the Lay Members of the Council of Church Association to the People of England.”

P.73 – Correspondence with the Archbishop of Canterbury re ‘Real Presence’ Declaration; letter with 37 signatures which included six peers and two MPs.

P.81 – Illustration of stone ‘altar’ and reredos in St Philip and St James’ Church, Oxford with reference to other churches in that city with ‘instances of pronounced character’.

Issue VIII – October 1867
P.91 – Dr Pusey argues the difference between older Tractarianism and current Ritualists.

P.92 – Illustration of ‘Ritualistic’ window in St Thomas’, Oxford.

P.106 – List of 32 Booksellers agreed to take publications of the Association for sale.

Issue IX – November 1867
P.107 – Church Association appeals for funds – after ‘Eighteen months in operation’.

P.108 – ‘The funds hitherto placed at the disposal on the Council, are inadequate to the work to be done, and the Council feel if the necessities of the present emergency were made fully known, a much more fitting and liberal response would be made.’  Offers were to be made to 12 York Buildings, Adelphi, London.

P.110 – “The Pan-Anglican Junto – The First Act of Defiance of English Law and the Queen’s Supremacy.” Seventy-plus bishops of the Anglican synod were involved.

P.120 – Letter from the Bishop of Iowa to the Bishop of London expressing regrets at the extent of ‘erroneous and strange doctrines’ within the churches in England.

P.137 – Refers to an earlier record (P.104) of ritualistic comments of “The Mass and Moustaches”. The writer ‘was utterly unable to receive the Lord’s atoning blood, except in a manner which for a moment led me to wish that the Roman use was in force among us.’ The editor’s comment ‘Had not the writer better go to Rome as Rome won’t come to him?’

Issue X – December 1867
P.143 – Conference, convened by the Church Association for November 1867 was attended by some 600 clergy and laity. £4,600 was raised for a proposed Guarantee Fund.

P.158 – Congregation at Colne Parish Church left the church and set up a Free Church of England and Schools through the change of incumbent, the previous one was an evangelical. A sum of £5,000 was raised to achieve this.

Issue XI – January 1868
P.167 – Report on the activities of Church Association. List of donors exceeded 180.

P.174 – List of twenty-eight Branch Associations. (Since the formation of local branches of the Church Association, reports of local meetings regularly appear in copies of the Monthly Intelligencer.)

P.178 – Notice of conference held by The English Church Union; stated to have been ‘a singularly tempestuous meeting’.

Report of the Conference of Church Association (Ref: P.143 of Issue X) occupies 98 pages with eight pages listing the names of the delegates – including twenty-three military officers.

P.209 – Three pages listing contributions to the £50,000 Guarantee Fund, amounting to some £22,000.

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