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 The Church Association Annual Report

Although "The Church Intelligencer" continues to be published, the volumes for 1907 onwards are missing from our archives so we have used the "Church Association Annual Reports" (which began in 1867) to compile a summary of the activities of the Church Association from 1907 onwards.

- 1913 Annual Report -

Notes on the report of the Council at the 49th Annual Meeting held in the Caxton Hall, Westminster on Monday, May 4th 1914.

P.7 – “The spiritual danger of Home Rule”. ‘The first subject claiming [our] attention was the magnificent demonstration “For Faith and Freedom” which, in concert with the other Societies linked the “London Council of United Protestant Societies,” the Council stood pledged to hold in the Albert Hall. The meeting was intensely in earnest, and was moved like one man by the Irish speakers, who admirably represented the various forms of Irish Protestantism. The following Resolution represents the earnest conviction of the immense gathering:

“That this Council, representative of nearly all the British Protestant organizations, declares its solemn conviction that Home Rule is dangerous to the religious liberties and spiritual well-being of Ireland. It affirms its profound belief that Home Rule for Ireland is essentially a matter of religion, and that its establishment will mean the intolerant and oppressive rule of the Roman Catholic Church. The Council pledges itself to help every lawful way the Protestants of Ireland in resisting the imposition of Rome Rule upon their native land, and declares that experience has shown the uselessness of any guarantees offered for the protection of Protestants by Roman Catholics. The Council further calls upon the Protestants of Ireland to continue undiminished their opposition to Home Rule: it approves the Covenant signed by the People of Ireland on Ulster Day, 1912: prays that, by God’s blessing, the observance of that covenant will defeat the proposals which it repudiates: and, finally, the Council on behalf of those whom it represents, calls upon the Government to withdraw the Home Rule Bill”.

P.8 – “Scouts’ Prayer Book”. ‘. . . it will be remembered that our Chairman was the first to complain publicly of the Church Scouts’ Prayer-book, then newly put forth under the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Subsequently, Sir Edward Clarke wrote to Sir Baden Powell, the Chief Scout, to complain of the popish character of the manual, and some trivial modifications of its papistical language are said to have been introduced; but the second edition, still on sale, retains the objectionable features enumerated in the Church Intelligencer for July 1913.

P.9 – “The Primate’s Apology for Mass Vestments”. ‘When the Bishop of Manchester addressed an open letter to the Primate demonstrating the unreasonableness of the Ritualistic contention in favour of Mass Vestments, his Grace replied by saying “the question is one of Archaeological rather than any practical importance. We ought surely to be able to say in the twentieth century what we do want, and not merely to find some explanation of what other people said or wanted two hundred and fifty or three hundred and fifty years ago.” Thus he threw over both the Reformation Settlement, and the revision of 1661 and holds himself free to set up de novo a platform of his own devising. But who are the “WE” of whom he speaks? Evidently he means the clergy only, and he has throughout the process of revision (already protracted over seven years), taken pains to conceal from criticism the secret deliberations of their Lordships of the “Upper House”, which have been carefully shrouded in the secrecy of a “Committee”. The Church of England, whose traditions he proposes to disregard, is to adopt meekly the radical uprooting of its ancient landmarks and to accept the livery of Rome for its ministers, together with the restoration of the Communion Office to its bygone resemblance in the missal.

P.13 – “Adulteration of the Liturgy”. ‘Above all, the threatened changes in the Office for Holy Communion are a direct attack on the principles of the Reformation of grave doctrinal importance, which on no account ought to be tolerated. It is actually proposed to enshrine the name of Thomas Aquinas, the Schoolman, who may be regarded as the theological founder of distinctly Roman Catholic theology, and whose Ethics (of which an English edition was published in 1892, with Pope Leo’s warm commendation) teach that “heretics are to be exterminated from the world by Death”!

P.18 – “Parish Magazine – ‘Light and Life’”. ‘A soundly Evangelical and Protestant Parish Magazine has been for several years a crying need. This, the Church Association has endeavoured to supply in Light and Life. Our aim is to give a magazine bright, readable, and interesting, yet clearly and definitely Protestant without being unduly controversial.

‘The articles on the work of various Evangelical Societies have been kindly furnished by the Secretaries.
‘One of our greatest needs is a supply of bright, readable short stories, 1500 to 2000 words in length. It would be a great assistance also if our lady readers would kindly send Household Hints, Cookery Recipes and items for the Children.’

P.22 – “Church Association Trust”. ‘During the past twelve months the Directors have acquired by presentation or purchase, the advowsons of five livings, viz,; Akeley. Buckinghamshire; Cheadle, Cheshire; Audley, Staffordshire; Oulton, Suffolk; and Moulton, Northamptonshire – making a total of fifteen now in the hands of the Trust.’



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