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 The Church Association Annual Report

Although "The Church Intelligencer" continues to be published, the volumes for 1907 onwards are missing from our archives so we have used the "Church Association Annual Reports" (which began in 1867) to compile a summary of the activities of the Church Association from 1907 onwards.

- 1912 Annual Report -

Notes on the report of the Council at the 48th Annual Meeting held in the Caxton Hall, Westminster, Monday, May 5th 1913.

P.7 – “Government Patronages”. ‘The unfortunate policy pursued by the present Government, as if in imitation of their predecessors, continues to pack the Ecclesiastical Bench with sacerdotalists who year by year encroach more and more upon the traditions of the reformed Church of England as handed down to us from the Reformation.’

P.8 – “Romanised Worship”. ‘The Bishop of London’s attack on the Prayer Book . . . has been followed up by his endorsing Father Frere’s similar aspersions, to which the Archbishop of Canterbury seeks to give immediate effect by placing him at the head of the “expert” advisers to advise Convocation how best to assimilate the Reformed Communion Office of our Prayer Book to the Roman Missal. Meantime his Lordship publicly sanctions the use of incense, the distribution of palms, reservation of the sacrament, and such other Romish importations as he himself chooses from time to time to “authorise”.’

P.9 – “Prelatic Imperialism”. ‘The new scheme of the two Archbishops for accustoming the laity to taxation, at first, of course, to a merely a nominal amount, but to be steadily increased and to be placed on the footing of a “Church due” (failure to pay which is to exclude from the sham “lay-franchise”) is calculated to supersede and to absorb into itself the entire machinery of Church Organisation.’

P.12 – “Religious Aspects of Home Rule”. ‘The Church Association, bent on putting “Protestantism before politics” holds aloof from the political controversy respecting Home Rule or Welsh Disestablishment as regards their merely political aspects. But from the spiritual point of view the Council has most anxiously watched the menace to freedom involved in the dominance of the most priest-ridden people in the world over the struggling minority of Protestants who are to be abandoned to the tender mercies of the celibate Irish priesthood. Hence they have been unable to support the candidature of any English supporter of the Government Bill, recognising as they do that the Church of Rome, unlike all other religious bodies, is primarily a political organization for reconstituting human society on a theocratic basis under which the Pope is superior to all earthly monarchs in the control of every department of human life, social, domestic, or individual.’

P.13 – “Organization”. ‘ . . owing to the retirement and resignation or our previous staff, a new scheme of organization had been drawn up, whereby the country was divided for the purposes of organization into six parts, so that the Association now has a District Secretary and Parliamentary Agent resident in London, Woking, Birmingham, Darlington, Hyde and Weston-super-Mare, and, in addition, a Clerical Secretary stationed in Liverpool and one in London whose work is to preach sermons and deliver lectures and addresses in the north and south respectively, besides co-operating with the District Secretaries in the organization of conferences and similar gatherings.’

P.15-16 – During the year, six colporteurs continued using the Protestant vans for evangelical work. ‘A very painful incident was the wrongful imprisonment of Mr Desmond, one of the ablest and most active of our colporteurs, who, when addressing an open-air meeting at Bury, was assailed with filthy abuse and pelted with stones and other missiles, which had been brought with them by the hooligans, who came expressly to create a riot. Mr Desmond was accused of using language which he utterly repudiates, and as to which the police seem certainly mistaken. . . . The Church Association cannot consent to acquiesce passively in such intolerant treatment of their agents.’

P.24 – “Cope Devereux Fund”. ‘A grant has been made from this fund for the restoration of the Ten Commandments in the Parish Church of Alderton, Woodbridge, making a total of sixty churches which have been assisted by this fund.’


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