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 The Church Association Annual Report

Although "The Church Intelligencer" continues to be published, the volumes for 1907 onwards are missing from our archives so we have used the "Church Association Annual Reports" (which began in 1867) to compile a summary of the activities of the Church Association from 1907 onwards.

- 1910 Annual Report -

Report of the Council presented to the 46th Annual Meeting held in the Caxton Hall, Westminster on Monday May 1st 1911.

P.8 – “Death of King Edward VII”. ‘By far the most important event of the year just past was the sudden and unexpected death of our late beloved Sovereign, King Edward VII. Coming as it did on the eve of a great political upheaval and in the midst of international relations of exceptional delicacy, this great national loss gravely increased the anxieties of the responsible leaders both in Church and State. To add to the confusion which resulted, Mr Redmond, on behalf of the Nationalists, and doubtless at the bidding of the Roman priesthood, lost not a moment in demanding from Mr Asquith the abolition (or the evisceration) of the Royal declaration repudiating the distinctive errors of the Church of Rome.

The Council of the Church Association felt the urgency of this attack upon the Constitution, and at once telegraphed a protest to the Prime Minister and issued a manifesto, followed by a series of telling leaflets, which were widely circulated. Meetings were also called in various towns and villages, at which the serious nature of the crisis was vigorously debated.’

P.8 – “Queen’s Hall Meeting”. ‘The enthusiastic meeting in the Queen’s Hall on July 7th, convened by the London Council of the united Protestant Societies, will never be forgotten by those who took part in it. Both the halls were densely packed, and the resolutions were acclaimed by the entire audience leaping to its feet and cheering again and again. The following sentence from one of the resolutions . . . embodies the substance of our contention:- “This assembly is of the opinion that to change the character and form of the Accession Declaration is to revise the first article of the compact between the Sovereign and the people, inasmuch as the constitution of the country requires that the personal religious convictions of the Sovereign shall be Protestant , and that, in view of the character and teaching of the Church of Rome, the Sovereign shall give such assurances of his Protestant convictions as experience has shown to be necessary. . . .’

P.10 – “Partisanship of the Romanizing Bishops”. ‘In their last Report the Council complained that partisan bishops were now openly placing themselves at the head of the Romanizing clergy. . . . And when the vicar of St Martin’s wrote a published letter to his bishop notifying that he would not give up “adoration and worship of the reserved sacrament,” Masses for infants, celebrations without communicants (ie “hearing mass”, and reservation in one kind only (which involves the denial of the cup in Visitations of the Sick), Bp. Ridgeway, in a letter, also published, thanked him for his ‘filial response,’ and had not one word of censure for such daring lawlessness.’

P.14 – “Evangelical Protestant Union”. ‘The Evangelical Protestant Union, a time-honoured Protestant organisation, carried on mainly by the energy of the Rev J R Waddington, of Low Moor, has been amalgamated with the Church Association. Mr Waddington on retiring to Southport , felt it necessary to give up some of his many honorary positions of which this was one. Hence the proposal that the Church Association should take it over, which has been arranged in accordance with his wishes.’

P.14-15 – “Obituary”. ‘Our death roll for the past year is by far the heaviest from which the Association has suffered since its first foundation. Last year’s Report chronicled the presentation to our late Secretary of a testimonial to forty-four years’ work and to services of surpassing value.

One of Mr Miller’s latest acts was to prepare various appeals to his fellow countrymen to take up the work. The “Statement and Appeal” to the nations, as well as the “Grave Remonstrance,” followed by the “Appeal to King George V,” embody the grievances under which loyal Churchmen now labour through the defection of the bishops, and indicate the lines on which resistance to the Romanizing of the Established Church must be carried on.’

P.19-22 – “Protestantism before Politics”. ‘Since the last Annual Report we have had yet another General Election, and the manifesto issued by the Council in connection with it was the last document drawn up and signed by our late revered Secretary, Mr Miller, in which, while not wishing to minimise the importance of the Constitutional issues involved, including the danger that the Protestants of Ireland might be handed over to the tender mercies of the priests, Protestant electors were advised to ascertain that the candidate they desired to support was sound on Protestant questions, and especially upon the question of the legalisation of Mass Vestments and the Ecclesiastical Disorders Bill.’ This statement is followed by a lengthy, interesting discussion of the outcome of the election.

P.22 – “The Church Association Trust”. ‘The Advowson of St John’s, Harborne, and Bovingdon with Bourne-End, have been placed in the Trust.’





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