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Clergy Discipline

Discipline is not an optional extra. It is evident from the formularies and Canon Law of the Church of England that there are clear boundaries for the conduct and belief of clergy and therefore the expectation of discipline to maintain those boundaries. In the Homilies, which provide a sort of commentary on the Thirty-Nine Articles, it is explicitly stated: The true church . . . hath always three notes or marks, whereby it is known: Pure and sound doctrine; The sacraments ministered according to Christ's holy institution; And the right use of ecclesiastical discipline. (Homily on 'The Coming Down of the Holy Spirit'). Clergy discipline is a clear mandate in the New Testament, and is essential for the upholding of sound doctrine and the preaching of the true gospel. A neglect of clergy discipline can only lead to error and decline in the church.

Cross†Way articles dealing with the issue of clergy discipline:

Clergy Discipline. Discussion of further proposals for clergy discipline since the implementation of the Clergy Discipline Measure (2000), (Cross†Way 94, 2004)

The Clergy Discipline Measure. Article written prior to the Clergy Discipline Measure (2000) discussing some of the issues involved. (Cross†Way 73, 1999),

Discipline in the Parish. David Wheaton reflects on his experience of exercising discipline in parish ministry. (Cross†Way 73, 1999)


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