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Family, Marriage, Remarriage & Divorce

In recent years marriage has been under discussion in both Church and society. Early in 1999 the Government issued its report Supporting Families. Whilst this was notable for its failure to define what a family is (thereby anyone to define it as they wish) it did dare to use the M word which had become taboo in politically correct circles. Despite the best efforts of many modernists the idea of marriage will not go away. This is hardly surprising since marriage is a part of God’s purpose and plan for mankind and is therefore written not only in His word but in the hearts of all people.

It is widely recognised that marriages and families are under strain. More than one in every three marriages now ends in divorce and the survival rate amongst Christians does not seem any better. In order to help and strengthen marriage it is important not only to look at what can keep marriage alive but also to recognise the importance of marriage and its place in God’s loving purposes.

Against this background the Church of England has produced a number of new reports on marriage, divorce and remarriage and has also revised its Marriage services.


Marriage in the Purposes of God: what the Bible teaches on marriage, singleness and living under God's will.



Church Society articles:

The Purpose of Marriage. Churchman article by Christopher Ash.

Family Life: In Britian Today. Churchman article by Alan Stibbs.

Family Life: Bible Principles. Churchman article by Alan Stibbs.

Family Life: a Primary Sphere of Christian Establishment and Expansion. Churchman article by Alan Stibbs.

What's Happening to Families? Cross†Way article (2009) by David Phillips commenting on changes in family life in the last 40 years.

The Family Ideal - Biblical teaching on the nature of family. Cross†Way article (2009) by David Phillips.

Families are Good. Cross†Way article (2009) by David Phillips.

The telos or 'Chief End' of Marriage. Churchman article by Simon Vibert discussing the ideal of the marriage relationship and its ultimate fulfillment in the relationship between Christ and his Church.

Discipline of Children

Gillian Hall a mother and teacher writes on the currently contentious issue of disciplining children.

Marriages Made in Hell. Cross†Way article (2012) by Mostyn Roberts, discussing homosexual marriage.

Homosexual Parenting: does it make a difference? A re- evaluation of the research with adoption and fostering in mind.

(Churchman article by Joy Holloway)

Children and Their Relationship to Jesus - Cross†Way article by Joy Shearer discussing conversion in children.

Statistics that show the state we are in. Cross†Way article by David Phillips commenting on the Social Trends statistics released in April 2007.

News items relevant to this issue

7 May 2004

Church of Wales appoints its first remarried Bishop.


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