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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Cover of Crossway spring edition

Posted 27 Mar 2014

The spring edition of Crossway is now out, and it has a new look, with the new Church Society identity.

In our leading article for this edition, Lee Gatiss identifies a crisis of credibility in the Church of England. Looking at three often-heard phrases which are current in the church – ‘We want you to flourish’, ‘I am an evangelical’ and ‘We are committed to the Church of England’, Lee comments, ‘There are many words, but the challenge is in following them up.’

Lee recently spoke on this theme at the Council of Affinity. Hear his talk in our new Resources section.

Meanwhile, James Paice writes on how churches which preach the biblical gospel are twinning financially with poorer churches to support them in their work. We’ve published his article online here. It gives sound practical advice as well as the reasons for partnering in this way.

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James Paice

Posted by James Paice, 27 Mar 2014

Churches which preach the biblical gospel are twinning financially so that richer churches can partner the work of poorer ones. In this article from the latest edition of Crossway, James Paice explains how and why they are doing it.

We all, I hope, believe in the biblical principle of supporting poorer churches. The principle goes as far back as the earliest days of the church. The apostle Paul took part in at least two collections where churches outside Judea made donations ‘for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem’ (Romans 15:26; Acts 11:29-30).

The difficulty comes for members of the Church of England when we are expected to support poorer churches which do not preach the biblical gospel of repentance and faith in a unique and saving Christ, but a false gospel of ‘God will bless you as you are’ (in your sin).

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