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 Book Reviews

Books for review should be sent to the Church Society office.

Normally around one fifth of each issue is made up of book reviews. The reviews editor is Lee Gatiss. Churchman cannot guarantee that books received will be reviewed. Lee maintains a list of books received for review on LibraryThing.

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VolIssBook TitleBook AuthorOther information
1271TRIBUTES TO JOHN CALVIN: A Celebration of his Quincentenary David W. Hall, ed.Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 2010 568pp 26.99hb ISBN: 9781596380967
1271PIETY'S WISDOM: A Summary of Calvin's Institutes with Study QuestionsJ. Mark BeachGrand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2010 355pp 14.99pb ISBN: 9781601780829
1271MORE THAN MATTER: Is Matter all we Really are? Keith WardOxford: Lion, 2010 224pp, indexes of subjects and names 8.99pb ISBN: 9780745962474
1271METHODS FOR LUKEJoel B. Green, ed.New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010 157pp 16.99pb ISBN: 9780521717816
1271PREACHERS, PASTORS, AND AMBASSADORS: Puritan Wisdom for Today's ChurchLee Gatiss, ed.London: The Latimer Trust, 2011 426pp 14.99pb (13.99 from ISBN: 9781906327026
1271GOD DOESN'T DO WASTE: Redeeming the Whole of LifeDave BooklessNottingham: IVP, 2010 158 pp 7.99pb ISBN: 9781844744732
1271WHO CHOSE THE GOSPELS? Probing the Great Gospel ConspiracyC. E. HillOxford: OUP, 2010 295pp 14.99hb ISBN: 9780199551231
1271CHRISTIAN ETHICS: A Very Short IntroductionD. Stephen LongOxford: Oxford University Press, 2010 135pp 7.99pb ISBN 9800199568864
1271CHURCH PLANTER: The Man, the Message, the MissionDarren PatrickWheaton, Illinois: Crossway, 2010 240pp 10.99pb ISBN: 9781433515767
1271''RIGHT REASON'' AND THE PRINCETON MIND: An Unorthodox ProposalPaul Kjoss HelsethPhillipsburg, NJ, 2010 257pp 18.99pb ISBN: 9781596381438
1271THE LIFE OF CHARLES HODGEA. A. HodgeBanner of Truth, Edinburgh, 2010 [orig. 1880] 655pp 17.00hb ISBN: 9781848710900
1271THE THEOLOGY OF B. B. WARFIELD: A Systematic SurveyFred ZaspelNottingham: Apollos, 2010 624 pp 26.99hb ISBN: 9781844744824
1271REVELATION RECLAIMED: The Use and Abuse of the ApocalypseJon K. NewtonPaternoster, 2009 124pp 9.99pb ISBN: 9781842276129
1271WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Christian Hope and Contemporary Culture Stephen R. Holmes and Russell Rook, eds.Stephen R. Holmes and Russell Rook, eds.Paternoster, 2008 249pp 9.99pb ISBN: 9781842276020
1271CALVIN AND CULTURE: Exploring a WorldviewDavid W. Hall and Marvin Padgett, eds.Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 2010 346 pp 12.35pb ISBN: 9781596380981
1271PREDESTINATION: Biblical and Theological PathsMatthew LeveringOUP, 2011 228pp (only 201 of actual text, the rest is bibliography and index) 60hb ISBN: 9780199604524
1271THE GOSPEL AND THE MIND: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual LifeBradley G. GreenWheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2010 224pp 11.99pb ISBN: 9781433514425
1271THINK: The Life of the Mind and the Love of GodJohn PiperNottingham: IVP, 2010 222pp 8.99pb ISBN: 9781844744886
1271THE PASTOR AS SCHOLAR AND THE SCHOLAR AS PASTOR: Reflections on Life and MinistryJohn Piper and Don CarsonCrossway Books, 2011 128pp 7.99pb ISBN: 9781844745418
1271THE OXFORD ENCYLOPEDIA OF THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLEMichael D. Coogan, ed.Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 2 Vols (600pp; 578pp) 265hb ISBN: 9780195377378
1271THE GENDER AGENDA: Discovering God's Plan for Church LeadershipLis Goddard & Clare HendryIVP: Nottingham, England, 2010 171pp (including glossary and further reading) 8.99pb ISBN: 9781844744947
1271THE ARCHER AND THE ARROW: Preaching the Very Words of GodPhillip D. Jensen & Paul GrimmondMatthias Media, 2010 148pp 8.99pb ISBN: 9781921441806
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