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 Book Reviews

Books for review should be sent to the Church Society office.

Normally around one fifth of each issue is made up of book reviews. The reviews editor is Lee Gatiss. Churchman cannot guarantee that books received will be reviewed. Lee maintains a list of books received for review on LibraryThing.

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VolIssBook TitleBook AuthorOther information
1254PATHWAYS OF WISDOM: HUMAN PHILOSOPHIES AND THE PURPOSE OF GODMaurice SinclairApollos (IVP) 2010 pb 324pp ISBN: 978-1-84474-425-1
1254WORKING WITHOUT WILTING: Starting well to finish strongJago WynneNottingham: IVP, 2009 192pp £8.99pb ISBN: 1844743721
1254HEROESIain H. MurrayEdinburgh, Banner of Truth Trust, 2009 320pp £15.00hb ISBN: 978-1-84871-024-5
1254BEING FAITHFUL The Shape of Historic Anglicanism TodayThe Theological Resource Group of GAFCONLondon: The Latimer Trust, 2009 154pp £8.00pb ISBN: 978-0-946307999
1254GOD'S LYRICS: Rediscovering worship through Old Testament songsDouglas Sean OĠDonnellPhillipsburg, New Jersey; P&R Publishing Co, 2010 211pp ($15.99) £9.99pb ISBN: 978-1-59638-172-8
1254JOHN STOTT: A Portrait by his FriendsChris Wright (ed.)Nottingham: IVP, 2011 224pp £9.99hb ISBN: 978-1-84474-5166
1254IRON SHARPENS IRON: Leading Bible-oriented small groups that thriveOrlando SaerFearn, Christian Focus, 2010 142pp £6.99pb ISBN: 978-1-845505752
1254THE BREEZE OF THE CENTURIES: Introducing Great Theologians-From the Apostolic Fathers to AquinasMichael ReevesNottingham: IVP, 2010 152pp £8.99hb ISBN: 978-1-84474-415-2
1254ENGAGING WITH CALVIN: Aspects of the Reformer's legacy for today.Mark D. Thompson, ed.Nottingham: Apollos (IVP), 2009 329pp £19.99pb ISBN: 978-1-8447-43988
1254SIGNS OF GOD'S PROMISE: Thomas Cranmer's Sacramental Theology and the Book of Common PrayerGordon P. JeanesLondon: T & T Clark, 2008 £24.99pb 305pp ISBN: 978-0-567-03189-1
1254FORGIVING THE IMPOSSIBLEGreta RandleIntervarsity Press, 2010 £7.99pb 144pp ISBN: 978-1-84474-433-6
12541 & 2 SAMUEL (Apollos Old Testament Commentary 8)David G. FirthNottingham: Apollos, 2009 614pp £24.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-368-1
1254THE READING AND PREACHING OF THE SCRIPTURES IN THE WORSHIP OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Volume 7: Our own timeHughes Oliphant OldGrand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010 734pp £24.99/$45pb ISBN: 978-0-8028-1771-6
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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