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Volume 114 Issue 4 ( Winter 2000 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
View the editorial (pdf)
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Alan WardCommunion before Confirmation A Response to 'Admitting Children to Holy Communion' in Churchman 113/4 (1999)
Bill ReimerThe Spirituality of Henry Venn
Martin FoordRichard Hooker's Doctrine of Justification
Dennis PetersonThe Epistle to the Hebrews and the Decline of Anglicanism
Phil HeapsStill People of the Book
EditorBook Reviews
EditorVolume 114 Index
Volume 114 Issue 3 ( Autumn 2000 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
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Bray, GeraldEditorial
McGrath, AlisterLetter to the Editor
Fred CatherwoodA Christian's View of Europe
Vernon WilkinsRichard Field, DD, 1561-1616 Of the Church (Five Books, 1606/10) - on Ministerial Orders and Bishops
Dorothy Ann BrayCeltic Spirituality: Its Origins and Interpretations
Colin BuchananGregory Dix - The Liturgical Bequest
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 114 Issue 2 ( Summer 2000 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
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Bray, GeraldEditorial
J I PackerFor Truth, Unity, and Hope Revaluing the Book of Common Prayer
Jones, JRyle for the Third Millenium
Mark A SeifridIn What Sense is 'Justification' a Declaration?
Gerald BrayWas the Reformation a Tragedy?
Paul A CarrAre the Priorities and Concerns of Charles Simeon Relevant For Today
Peter M SmithChurchwardens: An Introduction to the Nature of the Office
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 114 Issue 1 ( Spring 2000 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
View the editorial (pdf)
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Hill, W SpeedRichard Hooker and the Rhetoric of History
Kirby, W J TorranceThe Paradigm of Chalcedonian Christology in Richard Hooker's Discourse on Grace and the Church
Atkinson, GeraldHooker's Theological Method and Modern Anglicanism
Tinker, MelvinThe Phantom Menace: Territorial Spirits and SLSW
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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Leuenberger, Samuel
Archbishop Cranmer's Immortal Bequest: The Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England: An Evangelistic Liturgy
Volume: 106 Issue: 1 (1992)


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