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Volume 110 Issue 4 ( 1996 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Noll, Stephen FThe Righter Trial and Church Discipline
A Response to the Opinion of the Court for the Trial of a Bishop
Wray, Daniel EBiblical Church Discipline
Heinze, Rudolph W and Pollard, Arthur Thomas Cranmer: A Life. By Diarmaid MacCulloch - Two Reviews
EditorBook Reviews
EditorVolume 110 Index
Volume 110 Issue 3 ( 1996 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Noll, Stephen FThe Righter Trial and Christian Doctrine
Murray. Iain H'Evangelicals & Catholics Together' A Movement of 'Watershed Significance'?
Horner, Timothy JThe Problem with Abraham: Justin Martyr's Use of Abraham in the Dialogue with Trypho a Jew
Beckwith, Roger TRevising the Revision
Peterson, DennisThe Major Shift: Doctrine in The Alternative Service Book 1980
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 110 Issue 2 ( 1996 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
The St Andrew's Day Statement
Spanner, Douglas CIs Hell for Ever?
Blackman, PaulThe Hell of Non-Being
Campbell, AlistairOnce More: Is Worship 'Biblical'?
Richardson, John PThe Neglected Reformer: Martin Luther through Anglican Eyes
Benn, Wallace PThe Bible and the Church
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 110 Issue 1 ( 1996 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Lindeck, John MWorthy of His Hire: The Christian in Paid Employment
Roberts, PhilLessons from the Past: The Discernment of Signs - Jonathan Edwards and the Toronto Blessing
O'Gorman, Paul ACounsel for the Counsellors
Gatgounis II, George JThe Legal Theory of John Calvin
Gatgounis II, George JThe Political Theory of John Calvin
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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