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Volume 103 Issue 4 ( 1989 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Hart, GeoffreyThe Word and Sacraments
Norman, EdwardIs There A Case For A National Church?
Curry, George RDealing with Death
Thomas, ChristopherSome English Composers and their Religious Allegiances (1550-1650)
Haykin, Michael'The Sum of All Good', John Ryland, Jr. and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
EditorBook Reviews
EditorVolume 103 Index
Volume 103 Issue 3 ( 1989 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Atkinson, JamesThe Priority of Preaching
Wenham, JohnFifty Years of Evangelical Scholarship: Retrospect and Prospect
Atherton, JohnThe Challenge of the Contemporary Context to Social Christianity and the Churches
Scotland, NigelThe College of St. Paul and St. Mary, Cheltenham: A Unique Evangelical Experience in Anglican Higher Education
Beckwith, Roger TThe Relations Between Christ's Sacrifice and Priesthood and Those of the Church
Bennett, ArthurRobert Porten Beachcroft: Preacher and Pastor
Allister, Donald SEschatology: A Reformed Understanding of the Church
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 103 Issue 2 ( 1989 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Spanner, Douglas CThe Bible and Science
Dewar, Michael WThe Church of Ireland and its Prayer Book
Bruce, F FThe Open Bible in England
Bray, Gerald LWe Believe in God: A Critique of the Report of the Doctrine Commission of the Church of England
Riggans, WalterTowards an Evangelical Doctrine of the Church: The Church and Israel
Kibble, David GThe Ultimate Conflict: An Evaluation of the Conflicting Stances in the Nuclear Debate
Craig, Hugh R MThe Word and Discipline in the Church
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 103 Issue 1 ( 1989 )
Editor: Bray, Gerald
Bray, GeraldEditorial
Pooley, RogerThe Achievement of John Bunyan: The View from the Tercentenary
Allison, Christopher FitzsimmonsThe Pastoral and Political Implications of Trent on Justification: A Response to the A.R.C.I.C. Agreed Statement Salvation and the Church
Brady, JamesThe Role of Miiracle Working as Authentication of Jesus as 'The Son of God'
Burkill, Mark EThe Principles of Bible Interpretation
Long, JonathanWilliam Perkins: 'Apostle of Practical Divinity'
Haykin, MichaelThe Oracles of God': Andrew Fuller and the Scriptures
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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