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Volume 089 Issue 4 ( October-December 1975 )
Editor: Nixon, Robin
Nixon, R EEditorial
Kaye, Bruce NRecent German Roman Catholic New Testament Research
Kibble, David GThree Dimensional Theology
Gelston, AnthonyThe Psalms at the Daily Services
Toon, PeterJ C Ryle and Comprehensiveness
Elcoat, DonaldSt Augustine as an Educator
Gladwin, JohnSocial Involvement and Evangelism
Wenham, John WThe Mother of Jesus in the New Testament
EditorBook Reviews
EditorVolume 89 Index
Volume 089 Issue 3 ( July-September 1975 )
Editor: Nixon, Robin
Nixon, R EEditorial
Toon, PeterJesus Christ who Frees and Unites
Leonard, GrahamFaith and Unity
Kirk, J AndrewThe Search for a New World Community?
Wright, N TUniversalism and the World-Wide Community
Beckwith, Roger TThe Use of the Bible in the World Council of Churches
Neill, StephenThe Nature of Salvation
Neill, StephenSome Realism in the Ecumenical Illusion
Volume 089 Issue 2 ( April-June 1975 )
Editor: Nixon, Robin
Nixon, R EEditorial
Thiselton, Anthony CKierkegaard and the Nature of Truth
Leaver, Robin AA Decade of Hymns: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of the 'Anglican Hymn Book'
Beckwith, Roger TA Turning Point in Prayer Book Revision
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 089 Issue 1 ( January-March 1975 )
Editor: Nixon, Robin
Nixon, R EEditorial
Hughes, Philip EdgcumbePreaching, Homilies, and Prophesyings in Sixteenth Century England
Wright, J StaffordThe Theology of Teilhard de Chardin
Toon, PeterNewman's Essay on Development Revisited
Gelston, AnthonyThe Future of Mattins and Evensong
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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