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Volume 080 Issue 4 ( Winter 1966 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Cockerton, JohnChristian Assurance in an Unsure World
Banks, Robert and Moon, GeoffreySpeaking in Tongues: A Survey of the New Testament Evidence
Stibbs, Alan MPutting the Gift of Tongues in its Place
Doyle, PeterThe Theology of Episcopalian Pentecostalism
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 080 Issue 3 ( Autumn 1966 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Booty, JohnThe Quest for the Historical Hooker
Dewar, Michael WBishop Joseph Hall, 1574-1656: An Ecumenical Calvinist Churchman
Duffield, Gervase EThe Problem of Abortion
Hughes, Philip EdgcumbeA Key to the Enigmas of the World? - A brief consideration of the philosophy of P D Ouspensky
EditorThe Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 080 Issue 2 ( Summer 1966 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Stephen SmalleyArchitecture for Anglicans
Paul, GeoffreyThe Historic Episcopate in the Light of South Indian Experience
Buchanan, Colin OThe New Communion Service: Reasons for Dissent
Burrell, MauriceTwentieth Century Arianism - An Examination of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ held by Jehovah's Witnesses
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 080 Issue 1 ( March 1966 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Hart, A TindalThe Parson's Freehold
Packer, James IOne Body in Christ: The Doctrine and Expression of Christian Unity
Simpson, JohnThe New Alternative Services
Beckwith, Roger TLambeth 1958 and the 'Liturgy for Africa' Part 2
EditorEFAC Group Members - List of Office Bearers
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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Volume: 076 Issue: 2 (1962)


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