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Volume 078 Issue 4 ( December 1964 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Rodgers JEucharistic Sacrifice: Blessing or Blasphemy?
Hughes P EThe Geneva of John Calvin
Betteridge M SEvangelicals in New Zealand
EditorBook Reviews
EditorVolume 78 Index
Volume 078 Issue 3 ( September 1964 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Cameron E DThe Minister and His Denomination
Simonson J WConversion in the Context of the Christian Mission
Smalley S SConversion in the New Testament
Pollock J CIn Soviet Central Asia
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 078 Issue 2 ( June 1964 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Carson HThe Holy Spirit and Revival
Motyer J AThe Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture
Packer J IThe Holy Spirit and the Local Congregation
Atkinson JThe Significance of Martin Luther
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 078 Issue 1 ( March 1964 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Mayfield GChain Store Church - The Paul Report Arraigned
Crate G FSocial and Spiritual Factors in the Rural Parish
Parker T H LCalvin the Biblical Expositor
Babbage SThe Place of Moral Judgments in the Interpretation of History
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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Taylor, E L Hebden
The Reformation and the Development of Modern Science
Volume: 082 Issue: 2 (1968)


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