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Volume 075 Issue 4 ( December 1961 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Packer J IThe Bible and the Authority of Reason
McQueen M HChurch Courts: With Particular Reference to the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure
Tiller J EThe Thirty-Nine Articles: Their Value in the Twentieth Century
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 075 Issue 3 ( September 1961 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Goyder GEstablishment and Liberty in the Church of England
Morris LThe Authority of the Bible Today
Stafford Wright J''The Devil and all his Works''
Ward R AA Synoptic Irony?
Smalley S SThe Imitation of Christ in 1 Peter
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 075 Issue 2 ( June 1961 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Coggan, F DThe Bible in English: A Survey
Phillips, J BThe Problems of Making a Contemporary Translation
Neill, StephenThe Bible in English History
Packer, James IThe Revised Catechism
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 075 Issue 1 ( March 1961 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Lampe G W HEpiscopacy and Reunion
Buchanan CThe Church of England and Apostolic Succession
Robinson D W BEucharist and Offertory: The Anglican Tradition
Atkinson JHuldreich Zwingli, Swiss Reformer
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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