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Volume 074 Issue 4 ( December 1960 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Ellison, H LThe Significance of the Old Testament Today
Anderson, FrancisThe Scope of the Abrahamic Covenant
Jocz, JakobAdversus Judaeos: The Jews in History
Stevens, GeorgeIs there a Future for the Jews?
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 074 Issue 3 ( September 1960 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial - George Whitefield
Windsor GThe Spiritual Issues of Reformation
Pollard AAnglican Evangelical Views of the Bible, 1800-1850
Hughes P EChristianity and the Problem of Origins
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 074 Issue 2 ( June 1960 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Robinson D W BThe New Baptisimal Services: A Criticism
Hughes P EConfirmation in the Church Today
Williams R RThe Bible and Anglican Piety
Packer J IExpository Preaching: Charles Simeon and Ourselves
Brandon OSome Theological Problems in Relation to Religious Conversion
Wood M A PThe Divine and Human Elements in Conversion
EditorBook Reviews
Volume 074 Issue 1 ( March 1960 )
Editor: Hughes, Philip E
Hughes, P EEditorial
Mohan, TalbotThe Situation in England Today
Coggan, DonaldTraining for the Ministry
Goss, JohnThe Work of a Parish
Hopkins, Hugh Evan, O.B.EThe Ministry of the Word
Coates, RichardThe Ministry of the Sacraments and the Occasional Offices
EditorBook Reviews
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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