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Volume 002 Issue 6 ( September 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Law, HenryReminiscences of the Hon. and Right Rev Henry Ryder
Scott, CharlesArchbishop Fitz Ralph of Armagh (A Precursor of the Reformation)
Knox, GeorgeOn Educational Missions in India
Richard Waldo Sibthorp (Book Review)
De Soyres, JohnThe Jesuits and their Assailants
Perry, CharlesRemarks upon a Sermon
Volume 002 Issue 5 ( August 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Ryle, J C James II. and the Seven Bishops
Anderson, WilliamThe Study of Christian Evidence with a View to Meet Popular Objections
British Burma
Bickersteth, E HThe Veni Creator
Holt, EmilyThe Rise of the Huguenots (Part II)
Goe, F FThe Sunday School Centenary
Volume 002 Issue 4 ( July 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Kennion, RobertThe Ornaments Rubric
Holt, Emily The Rise of the Huguenots
Jones, J PThe Church in Wales
Ryle, J CJames II and the seven Bishops
Moule, ArthurTwo Thousand Years Ago
Knox, GeorgeChurch and State in France
Volume 002 Issue 3 ( June 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Allen, RA Lay Diaconate
Stock, EugeneChristianity in Japan
Ewald, AlexEngland in the Sixteenth Century
Whately, M LAn Egyptian Farm
Church and State in France
Henry Venn
Volume 002 Issue 2 ( May 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Bardsley, JohnConvocation
Buxton, J HHospitals (Part 2)
Burton's Reign of Queen Anne (Book Review)
Garbett, EdwardThe Doctrine of the Fathers on the Lord's Supper
The Prince Consort (Book Review)
Jones, J PThe Church in Wales
Volume 002 Issue 1 ( April 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Pritchard, CButler's Analogy
Ewald, Alex What is Nihilism?
Burnet, WilliamAre Our Sunday Schools a Failure?
The Autograph Manuscript of ''The Imitation of Christ.''
Bell, CharlesAttractiveness in Religious Services
Buxton, J HHospitals (Part 1)
Garbett, EdwardThe Doctrine of the Fathers on the Lord's Supper
Bickersteth, E HLyrics, Sylvan and Sacred
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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