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Volume 001 Issue 6 ( March 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Bardsley, John WConvocations, Synods, and Diocesan Conferences
Willoughby, EdwardChaucer and Wycliffe
Knox, GeorgeOn Church and State in France
Prince Metternich's Autobiography (Book Review)
Clergy Supply and the Pluralities Acts
Bernard, T DThe Magificat - Its Liturgical Use
Garbett, EdwardThe Doctrine of the Fathers on the Lord's Supper
Volume 001 Issue 5 ( February 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Pritchard, CBishop Butler
Jones, J PThe Church in Wales
Geikie, CunninghamA Glimpse at Ancient Chaldean Life
Hoare, EdwardChurch Missionary Society
Life of Bishop Wilberforce (Book Review)
Carus. WilliamSimeon, Thornton, and Newton
Scott-Moncrieff, WThe Church of Scotland
Webb, JHereford During the Civil War
Volume 001 Issue 4 ( January 1880 )
Editor: not stated
Law, HNew Year Thoughts
Whately, M LEgypt as it is
Bardsley. John WConvocation, Synods, and Diocesan Conferences
Jenner, StephenThe Christian Sabbath: or is there no Sabbath Day Divinely Provided for Christians?
The Happy Valley: Sketches of Kashmir and the Kashmiris (Book Review)
Homer's Odyssey in English Prose and Verse (Book Review)
The Life and Work of St Paul (Book Review)
Bernard, T DThe Magnificat; or Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Volume 001 Issue 3 ( December 1879 )
Editor: not stated
Prest, EdwardForthcoming Version of the Bible
Jones, J PThe Church in Wales
Representative Statesmen
Hoare, EdwardChurchMiissionary Society - Its Early Difficulties
Blakeney, R PThe Royal Supremacy and the Final Court of Appeal
Knox, GeorgeThe Revival in the Gallican Council
Volume 001 Issue 2 ( November 1879 )
Editor: not stated
Ryle, J CUnity Among Churchmen
Holt, James MadenThe Irish University Bill
Morris, HenryThe Temperance Movement
Cambridge a Hundred Years Ago
Some Ritualistic Manuals
Stock, EugeneThe New Missions in Africa
Whately, E WThe Constitution of the Church of Ireland
Calthorp, GordonThe Childlike Spirit
Bourdillion, FrancisEvangelicalism in the Past and Present
Volume 001 Issue 1 ( October 1879 )
Editor: not stated
Garbett, EdwardThe Evangelical School
Hoare, EdwardThe Church Missionary Society
Holt, J MThe Irish University Act
Ryle, J CWhere are We?
Tristram, H BOn Some Practical Results Arising from the Introduction of a Revision of the Authorised Version
The Movement in Mexico
Geikie, CunninghamHistory from Monuments
E SFrances Ridley Havergal
Bickersteth, E HThe Fifty-Sixth Psalm
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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The Fourth Gospel and the Syllogisms of the First Epistle of St John
Volume: 053 Issue: 4 (1939)


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