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11141997Hughes, Philip EdgcumbeThe Reformers' View of Inspiration
08911975Hughes, Philip EdgcumbePreaching, Homilies, and Prophesyings in Sixteenth Century England
08611972Hughes, Philip EdgcumbeBeza as Correspondent and Poet
08141967Hughes, P ELetter to the Editor
08121967Hughes, P EEditorial
08111967Hughes, P EEditorial
08041966Hughes, P EEditorial
08031966Hughes, P EEditorial
08031966Hughes, Philip EdgcumbeA Key to the Enigmas of the World? - A brief consideration of the philosophy of P D Ouspensky
08021966Hughes, P EEditorial
08011966Hughes, P EEditorial
07941965Hughes, P EEditorial
07931965Hughes, P EEditorial
07921965Hughes, P EEditorial
07911965Hughes, P EEditorial
07911965Hughes, P EEvangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) :Group Members list
07841964Hughes, P EEditorial
07841964Hughes P EThe Geneva of John Calvin
07831964Hughes, P EEditorial
07821964Hughes, P EEditorial
07811964Hughes, P EEditorial
07741963Hughes, P EEditorial
07731963Hughes, P EEditorial
07721963Hughes, P EEditorial
07721963Hughes P EConfirmation: Recent Theological Trends
07711963Hughes, P EEditorial
07641962Hughes, P EEditorial
07631962Hughes, P EEditorial
07631962Hughes P EThe Doctrine of Justification as Taught by the English Reformers
07621962Hughes, P EEditorial
07611962Hughes, P EEditorial
07541961Hughes, P EEditorial
07531961Hughes, P EEditorial
07521961Hughes, P EEditorial
07511961Hughes, P EEditorial
07441960Hughes, P EEditorial
07431960Hughes, P EEditorial - George Whitefield
07431960Hughes P EChristianity and the Problem of Origins
07421960Hughes, P EEditorial
07421960Hughes P EConfirmation in the Church Today
07411960Hughes, P EEditorial
07341959Hughes, P EEditorial
07331959Hughes, P EEditorial
07321959Hughes, P EEditorial
07321959Hughes P EThe Place and Purpose of the Sacraments (II)
07311959Hughes, P EEditorial
07311959Hughes P EThe Place and Purpose of the Sacraments (I)
07141957Hughes P EThe Place of Symbolism in the Word and Sacraments To-Day
07021956Hughes H BThe Church and the Docker-Another View
06531951Hughes P EThe Biblical Doctrine of the State
06241948Synge F C & Hughes P EThe Church of England in South Africa
06231948Hughes P EThe Minister and his Greek Testament
05521941Hughes, A EThe Evangel of Evangelicalism: What it is, and how it works

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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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