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  St Andrew's Church - Montserrat, Bolton

(aka Delph Hill Mission)


By a Deed of Gift dated 29th December 1948 between John Halstead (a farmer) and the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St Peter, Halliwell, and the Church Association Trust, John Halstead gave a piece of land, known as the ‘Delph Hill Mission’, (fronting onto Tattersall Avenue), to be held by Church Association upon trust. The Church Council of St. Peter’s were responsible for fencing in the land and indemnifying the Association against any claims.

(The donor, John Halstead, had earlier in about 1933, agreed to give to the Church Council and the Church Association the piece of land for the erection of a Church of England Mission Hall and premises, which since 1934 had been built by, and at the expense of, the Council, and used as a religious mission known as the Delph Hill Mission.)

Under the terms of the Deed any buildings on the land were to be used for ecclesiastical purposes as a mission hall or parish rooms or for religious welfare and healthy recreation at the direction of the Vicar, Churchwardens and Directors of the Association. Various activities were not to take place (e.g. comic entertainment and the consuming of intoxicating liquor).

The original deed also provided that if the Church of England becomes disestablished or Roman Catholic or non-Protestant, or if practices and doctrine taught at St. Peter’s does not accord with ‘Evangelical or Scriptural Trust as declared in the 39 Articles’ then the Association could by Deed Poll revoke parts of the trust and, in effect, establish a new trust for ‘the spread and maintenance of Evangelical and Scriptural Truth in the locality of the said Parish of St. Peter’s, Halliwell as the Directors of the Association shall ... declare.’ The property could be sold in order to pursue the objects.

By a further Deed of Gift, dated 21st June 1951, an adjoining piece of land was also given on the same conditions, for the extension of the Delph Hill Mission site.

A Charity Commission scheme, sealed 11th January 1993, varied the original 1948 Deed (apparently at the original instigation of the Parish, subsequently approved after changes, by the Society) in respect to original clauses 3(ii) and 3(iii). The change to 3(ii) took out the bit about ‘religious welfare and healthy recreation’ and also the requirement for approval jointly of the Vicar, Churchwardens and Directors of the Association. The change to 3(iii) took out all the restrictions on use except that the Vicar and PCC must approve activities and such activities are subject to their control. The name of the charity, then referred to as the Charity known as St. Andrew’s, Montserrat in the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Peter, Halliwell, was also changed to St. Andrew’s, Johnson Fold, (or such as other name as the managing trustees from time to time by resolution may decide).

The church building on the site was extended and refurbished in 2007 and is now known as The Hope Centre at St Andrew’s, on Johnson Fold estate, and reaches out to the local community through many activities and the work of a full time community worker. It is one of four churches that makes up St Peter’s, Halliwell. There is also a house (St Andrew’s House) on the site used by the outreach workers.

Link: www.stpetersparish.info

1948 Deed of Gift
1951 Deed of Gift
1993 Charity Commission Scheme


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