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 History - Secretaries - Philip Edgcumbe Hughes

Philip Edgcumbe Huges was Secretary of Church Society from 1953 to 1956.

PHILIP EDGCUMBE HUGHES was an Anglican clergyman and scholar whose life spanned four continents: Australia, where he was born, South Africa, England, where he was ordained, and the USA, where he died in 1990, aged 75. From 1947 to 1953 he taught at Tyndale Hall, Bristol; for the next three years he was Secretary of Church Society; in 1959 he became editor of the Churchman and continued in that role with great distinction till 1967; but in 1964 he had moved to the United States and thereafter taught in American Seminaries, including Westminster Theological Seminary. In theology, he was a firm Calvinist, but had the breadth of sympathies of a true scholar. His writings are solid in substance and graceful in style. One of them, The Theology of the English Reformers, has recently been republished by Horseradish of Abingdon PA. (Churchman114/4)

List of Churchman articles by Philip Hughes

Article Links

The Reformers' View of Inspiration (Churchman 111/4 1997)

Preaching, Homilies, and Prophesyings in Sixteenth Century England (Churchman 89/1 1975)

The Geneva of John Calvin (Churchman 78/4 1964)

The Doctrine of Justification as Taught by the English Reformers (Churchman 76/3 1962)

The Biblical Doctrine of the State (Churchman 65/3 1951)



  • Scripture and Myth : An Examination of Rudolph Bultmann’s Plea for Demythologization (1956)
  • Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians (1962)
  • But for the Grace of God (1964)
  • Theology of the English Reformers (1965)
  • Translator The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism (P –Ch Marcel) (1953)
  • The Register of the Company of Pastors of Geneva in the Time of Calvin (1966)
  • Translator Vocabulary of the Bible (1958)
  • Editor and Contributor Canon Law and the Church of England (1955)
  • Evangelicals and Unity (1964)
  • Philosophy and Christianity (1965)
  • Guidelines : Anglican Evangelicals Face the Future (1967)
  • Contributor : Evangelicals Sermons of  our Day (1959)
  • John Calvin – Contemporary Prophet (1959)
  • The Biblical Expositor (1960)
  • Editor Churchmen Speak (1966)

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