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 History - Secretaries - David Samuel

David Samuel was Secretary of Church Society from 1983 to 1991.

David Norman Samuel was born in 1930 and became Secretary in 1983 at a time when there had been a dispute between the Council of Church Society and the Editorial Board of Churchman leading to the dismissal of the Board. David had previously served for nearly 20 years as an incumbent in Lincoln Diocese and was well known as a speaker and author.

David left Church Society to become minister of St. Mary's, Castle Street, Reading and in 1995 became presiding Bishop of the Chuch of England (Continuing)

David is an Honorary Vice-President of Church Society.

Publications include:

Pope or Gospel? (1982), Mirror to the Nation (1999), The Church in Crisis (2004) and Without Excuse - A Vindication of the Argument from Design (2004)

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