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Church Society Trust

 The National Protestant League

Founded February 1890

Objects (as listed in the 1890 Church Association Annual Report)

1. To maintain unimpaired "the Protestant Reformed Religion, established by law," and to defend it aginst all encroachments of Popery.

2. To spread sound Protestant Truth in the Church of England.

3. To unite in prayer for the increase of Spiritual Religion.

4. To co-operate with the Church Association in upholding Reformation Principles; to educate the Young in Evangelical Truth; and to disseminate sound and wholesom literature.

5. To secure the return of Protestant Candidates at Parliamentary Elections.

Members were required to make the following declaration:

"I promise to do my best to maintain unimpaired 'the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law,' and to defend it against all encroachments of Popery, and to secure the return of Protestant Candidates at Parliamentary Elections."


Council - All matters connected with the NATIONAL PROTESTANT LEAGUE originate with, or are referred to, the Council of Church Association.

List of objects and methods, together with the Statutes and branches from the Church Association Annual Report. (PDF 1.8MB)

The Church Intelligencer* Editorial Comment on the formation of The National Protestant League - ‘another Society’.

*monthly journal of the Church Association

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