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Posted 27 Aug 2014

Rob Brewis has been listening to Philip Coekin, Minister of Holy Trinity Eastbourne, expounding Ephesians 4:17-24.

Paul seeks to establish us as steady, godly Christians. So we need to have our minds renewed by knowing the life that is in God. So learn from the Lord.

Hear the sermon here

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Posted by Kirsty Birkett, 21 Aug 2014

In 1997, Mark Thompson wrote in Churchman: 'If I am not mistaken there is a concerted attempt being made at present to redefine what it means to be an evangelical Christian. A number of prominent people around the world are trying to broaden the term, to encompass a variety of perspectives which were once quite alien to evangelical thought and practice.'

Well, he wasn’t mistaken. I was recently at an Anglican gathering encompassing representatives from all streams of the Church of England, except, perhaps, the most Catholic. As we went around the circle introducing ourselves, everyone there described him or herself as evangelical. It was usually qualified – ‘largely’ evangelical, or even ‘a little bit’ evangelical – but it was clearly a very common label.

These were people whom, I’m fairly sure, would not subscribe to all the Reformation solas. Many of them did not believe in substitutionary penal atonement, or in the absolute authority – much less infallibility - of Scripture. They were certainly not complementarian. As far as I know, the churches they attended were not characterised by expository preaching or anything like a traditional evangelical ethos. So why would they use the word?

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Posted 20 Aug 2014

Rob Brewis has been listening to a lecture on the Reformation.

Andrew Cinnamond, minister and church historian, talks about the Reformation. This is great stuff that is well worth knowing, learning and taking to heart.

Hear the lecture here

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