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Posted by Mark Smith, 24 Oct 2014

A collect to pray for our brothers and sisters suffering at the hands of the radical Islamist group, Islamic State.

A prayer for Iraq and Syria

O God, our refuge and our strength,
you promise never to leave or forsake those who trust in you;
look with mercy upon your precious children in Iraq and Syria,
that they may know your peace amidst persecution,
your compassion at a time of suffering,
and your faithfulness in the face of death…

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 22 Oct 2014

Lee Gatiss has been listening to Simon Vibert’s talk on Marriage in the Church of England, from the recent Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference.

Speaking on his own 25th wedding anniversary, Dr Vibert, Vice-Princpal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, outlines the history and doctrine of marriage, looking at the Anglican formularies and some recent controversies.

See the slides from Simon Vibert’s talk.

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Posted by John Percival, 16 Oct 2014

Many will be familiar with this passage from The Pilgrim’s Progress: 'As for this coat that is on my back, it was given me by the Lord of the place whither I go; and that as you say to cover my nakedness with. And I take it as a token of his kindness to me; for I had nothing but rags before. And besides, thus I comfort myself as I go: Surely, think I, when I come to the gate of the city, the Lord thereof will know me for good, since I have his coat on my back-a coat that he gave me freely in the day that he stripped me of my rags.'

So writes the memorable John Bunyan, as Christian begins his long and arduous journey to the Heavenly City. The doctrine of the imputed righteousness of Christ was precious to Bunyan, and in this week’s article, Robert Oliver unpacks for us the role of the doctrine in the life and work of John Bunyan.

Bunyan was not afraid of controversy, finding himself on the other side of disputes with Richard Baxter (known for his unconventional views on justification) and, perhaps most ironically for a non-conformist pastor, quoting the 39 Articles back at a local unorthodox Church of England minister!

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